How to Make the Build Up to Christmas Easy

how to make the build up to christmas easy

Advent is officially the time to panic about Christmas because up until then people just keep on saying, “Well it isn’t even December yet!” If you have listened to them then you will realise that actually there isn’t a lot of time in those 24 days – when you factor in the Christmas Cards, Christmas … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Men

Men Clothes for Christmas

When it comes to shopping for men at Christmas it isn’t easy. Men generally have it all already and if they don’t it is probably because they just do not want it. Either that or it is completely out of the budget! So with that in mind, and my experience of 5 males in my … Read more

Christmas Wishlist Craft

christmas wishlist craft

Now that Halloween is out of the way, dare I say it is time to think about Christmas! What better way to get children even more excited (like they need encouragement) than by getting some Christmas Craft on. These do not have to be long and complicated – but something simple that they can do … Read more

Christmas Around the World

When my youngest two boys broke up from school they came home with homework to do over the holidays! Before we start to think about how mean that is it was actually a lot of fun Christmas stuff we would already be getting up to (well apart from the handwriting practice as the cards were … Read more

Easy Nativity Craft with White Stuff #ad

Mary and Joseph Christmas Craft

There are two things that I believe are really important about Christmas and what makes it really special – and they are spending time with family and appreciating why we celebrate. One of the ways I do this is by making Christmas Crafts in the run up to the big day – which helps really … Read more

Christmas Ornaments RedTedArt

Christmas Ornaments RedTedArt

I am so excited to be guest posting from Red Ted Art for you today. At Red Ted Art, we ADORE all things crafty and spreading the love and enthusiasm for crafts – especially when they are fun, easy and thrifty too! We particularly adore DIY Christmas Ornaments. They make fabulous little gifts at this … Read more

Twycross Zoo for Christmas

Elephant drinking water

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity in the East Midlands with over 500 animals and 150 species who are working for endangered species survival by contributing to breeding programmes. We used our last Stay, Play, Explore voucher to visit Twycross Zoo for Christmas. About Twycross Zoo Twycross Zoo is split into different sections, clearly labelled … Read more

Snowie and Jazzie filled Santa Buckets – Teacher Gifts

Snowie and Jazzie filled Santa Buckets - Teacher Gifts

Despite the fact that many people think that teachers have it easy, with lots of holidays, it simply isn’t true. They work REALLY hard and have taken on one of the most important jobs of teaching our children – not only the educational stuff but they reinforce the morals, manners and values that (hopefully) have … Read more

Making Christmas Easier

Making Christmas Easier

There is no denying it that Christmas can be a terribly stressful time of year. The pressure seems to start earlier and earlier these days and there just seems to be a lot of demands. I thought I would share with you some of the ways I make Christmas easier and I also asked some … Read more