How to make a LEGO Pirate Ship


We made our LEGO Pirate Ship in the days leading up to our stay in a Pirate room at LEGOLAND Windsor. It was an adaptation of RedTedArt’s Pirate boat. We made it smaller than the original because we didn’t have big enough pieces of card, and I also believed it would make it a much … Read more

Junior Builders Week at LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel

Junior Builders Week at LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel

For this half term I decided that the best plan of action was to have something to look forward to. So for the Saturday before the boys went back to school we booked the night in the LEGOLAND Hotel. As the LEGOLAND Windsor resort is closed in February there was a Junior Builders Week. This … Read more

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Now the children are going back to school you may start to be thinking about Christmas. It is around now that you can grab some really good bargains. If you know what you are after that is even better. Lego itself is always going to be in the top toys for Christmas but it is interesting … Read more

Lego Brick Costume for Big Yellow Friday

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

Lego Costume for Big Yellow Friday Lego has been a favourite in our house for a long time. As I have said before it is the one of the things that really unites the boys across the age differences. Lego can be used for solitary play and as part of a team. They all really … Read more

The Lego Movie Emmet and the Getaway Glider

Lego Movie Emmet gets creative

I love Lego it is good for so many reasons. It helps children engage by seeing their favourite characters as toys, it helps build self-esteem by being able to build something so complex, it’s inspiring, creative, imaginative, helps fine motor development, social play – I could go on and one.  A toy for both boys … Read more

Love L – lice, lego and ladybirds

So after seeing Choice chambers on Science Sparks (here) I was really keen to do them with my son – so decided that L could be for Lice. It actually turns out that if you Google lice (as I did to be sure of how many legs to give them) that it turns out lice … Read more

Lego Union Jack

LEGO union jack

I have been teaching my son about the alphabet (that post is still to come this week) and this week is the turn of J so as part of that we made a Union Jack for the Jubilee out of Lego. First we sorted out the red, white and blue Lego. Unfortunately my son found … Read more