The Lego Movie Emmet and the Getaway Glider

I love Lego it is good for so many reasons. It helps children engage by seeing their favourite characters as toys, it helps build self-esteem by being able to build something so complex, it’s inspiring, creative, imaginative, helps fine motor development, social play – I could go on and one.  A toy for both boys and girls, old and young – what’s there not to like.Then there’s The Lego Movie coming out!

The Lego Movie

Starring Emmet, an ordinary rules following guy, who always builds things from the instructions. He is an average mini-figure instructions worker. Emmet needs to save the World from being frozen together by learning to be creative with building without the instructions.

We do not know what happens in The Lego Movie yet as it is  is in cinemas from February 14th 2014, but we thought we would get creative  by making our version of how things may happen:

Lego Movie Emmet gets creative

Sherrif Not-a-robot (who actually is a robot), and Deputron, force Emmet to just watch as Arctic Batman, and his friend, use the instructions to build the Getaway Glider. This is the first step in weaning Emmet off instructions.

emmet new year of the horse

“What’s with the horses?” queries Emmet.

“Chinese New Year of the horse!” replies Arctic Batman.

The Lego Movie following instructions

Emmet struggles with Arctic Batman failing to follow the instructions correctly, wanting to takeover and intervene. However, Arctic Batman is used to this kind of behaviour from his perfectionist parents who used to glue (Kragel) his Lego models together and put them on a shelf.

getaway glider emmet

Sherrif Not-a-robot and Deputron strap Emmet to the Getaway Glider in the hope that it will help spur his imagination.

Emmet, Batman and the Getaway glider

Artic Batman brings the Batmobile (boat) round and attaches the Getaway Glider to it.

“Come on, Emmet,” they chant, “think creatively!”

“How could I get something this great without using the instructions,” Emmet tries hard to think. In a moment of inspiration it comes to him. With the weathercock to guide him in the right die

“CARCRAFT!” he shrieks, “Of course I do not need to build any more vehicles again! We can get one of their used cars, and they part ex! Wonder if they would accept the horse!”

Emmet realises that #Playmatters and asks to dress up as Woody.

Emmet as Woody

The Getaway Glider: 70800

6- 12 years

Item no: 6061105

This was really simple to build and the instructions were clear and straight-forward. The set comes with the Getaway Glider, Emmet, Sheriff Not-a-robot, Deputron, a brown horse (which can stand on just its back legs) and some cacti. I like how there is printing detail on both sides of the outfits, and that Emmet has 2 faces (on the same head). Both the robot characters come with cowboy style hats,   detachable moustaches, and guns. It has plenty of playability with the tail wings, cow horns, weather vein, and the main wings all being moveable parts.

The Lego Movie Robot Batman

I think any Lego fan would just love this set, but even more so once they have seen The Lego Movie. I am looking forward to more Lego kits inspired from the film. This Lego set was great for my youngest who has special needs. He is delayed and has problems in the areas of concentration, fine motor skills, social skills, and language (amongst others), with play being the best therapy. The fact that he could easily identify characters he was interested in was very beneficial in helping him engage. I think the fact this set comes with 3 figures is terrific and my son instantly made an Emmet Woody (by turning him into a Sheriff). The fact that there is a Sheriff I think will be even more beneficial to me when Toy Story 4 comes out and re sparks my son’s interest in Woody too. He then used the Batman Lego he had for Christmas to make a new Robot Batman.

Batman the lego movie

The Lego Movie

Cast: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie

Screenplay by: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Directed by: Phil Lord, Chris Miller Chris McKay

Produced by: Doug Davison, Stephen Gilchrist, Igor Khait, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, John Powers Middleton, Seanne Wehrenfennig, Jill Wilfert

This post is in conjunction with a competition to win £100 worth of Lego & Carcraft. I received the Getaway Glider free for that purpose. All words and opinions are my own.

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