Minecraft Explanation from a Clueless Mother

 Minecraft if you haven’t even heard of it you must be living in a cave. Do I know what it is about? Erm no. I do know that my 17 year old deems it suitable for my 6 year old. And it must be simple enough for my 6 year old to play, whilst complicated enough for my 17 year old to play. Sometimes the 10 year old is welcome to play, but other times he’s not allowed on the server (for ruining the game). I think that’s what I like about it though – children of all ages can come together and have a common interest.

minecraft scene

Although my knowledge is something like this:

“Son, what’s that noise?”

Son – “Oh I’m just killing a pig!”

Hmm quite.

minecraft keyrings

And it’s blocks right? I get that blocks. And you can add bits (like blocking a door) but (according to my 10 year old) – you don’t build your own area (like Lego, do you think there could be a Lego Minecraft game like that?)

minecraft steve

My sons have tried to explain it to me. Something about servers, and not needing the beds anymore (i dunno, does it make sense to you?!). His friend is ‘fireproof’ or something. I know that you CAN add modifications to it – and do a bit of programming. This is great as my oldest *thinks* that’s what he wants to do for a living. Alas he has not made any mods, but does like playing other people’s.


There’s a Creeper, a guy called Steve, Enderman and now it turns out there’s even a Zombie Pig Man!

I know you can play in teams and try to kill each other, but you don’t have to.

minecraft scene

I guess it’s got something to do with “mining” too – hence the name, and the tools.

minecraft creeper and Steve

I do love how easily I can be very popular by buying anything remotely related to Minecraft – a bag, a wallet, a t-shirt, a calendar, some paper squares, cakes.

You may notice the various Minecraft 3D Hangers on this page. At the London Toy Fair 2014 I met Click Distribution who kindly gave me. My teenage son was very pleased with it and as it was in a blister pack I did not know which Minecraft character he had. He had Zombie Pig Man (see below), and straight away started to put it in various poses.

Minecraft Zombie Pigman

 What about you? Do you know any more about Minecraft or how it works?

I received a free Minecraft keyring in order to review. All words and opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Minecraft Explanation from a Clueless Mother”

  1. My boys 8 & 11 are obsessed. I would definitely rather they play minecraft than Call of Duty which they keep asking for, which is a definite NO!

    My understanding is that you can create worlds complete with houses, beds, crafting tables, axes, swords, collect diamonds and rubies. Hide from zombies, wolves and creepers. Teleport somehow too and to where I am not sure. My boys like to watch the YouTube channels for Tobuscus too and they are always singing his songs about a diamond sword, safety buttons or biscuits.

    Oh Lego do have minecraft sets too which I wouldn’t mind having a look at. Enjoy your minecraft experience but what is the difference between minecraft and survival craft ?

  2. I know nothing at all, and it boggles my mind! I was a bit freaked out when my 6 year old told me he blew up a house with a pig inside it, but they’re all playing it and his morals are pretty much intact so I’m assuming it’s ok. Certainly his Skylanders are feeling unloved!


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