Lights Out

So here they are changing our street lights so that they turn off at midnight, in order to save money.


Which councils are changing their lights

We had the right to express any concerns.

They were that:

  • There may be an increase in criminal activity.

They said that it has been found to decrease crime because people are less likely to go out.

  • We were concerned about night workers.

They said they shouldn’t be walking the streets late at night anyway – to take a taxi instead.

  • We worried about teenagers out late.

They said that teenagers should be home by midnight & any later was bad parenting.

  • We worried about people coming out of pubs/nightclubs/friend’s houses.

Again they said they should be getting a taxi or home earlier.


Some lights will remain on – such as those by alleys (I believe).

It has been that turning off lights increases the likelihood of car crashes (source)


What do you think?

Would you like the lights off? Do you have one glaring through your window?

Do you think their reasoning was good enough?

Are you affected by the switch off?