PYO Berries in Gloucestershire


I’d been wanting to take the boys berry picking for some while. It is one of those things that I did as a child that I’ve realised that my children have never done (only blackberries in the wild, not a pick your own).. I wanted to give them the experience as well as helping them to understand the process of where food comes from, that it doesn’t just magically appear in shops.


We visited Primrose Vale who were very friendly and gave us a good explanation of how things worked, and which crops were best to get, or that were still available but not so fruitful.


I’d hoped that it would also encourage the children to try things that they wouldn’t normally. Alas as the signs told you not to eat the berries (they did say you could try one or two) my family were adamant that they were not meant not to eat any.


It was great to see the family getting involved, and my husband really seemed to be enjoying himself.


 And there was lots of sharing going on – as we weren’t allowed to mix the berries in the pots, and we didn’t want lots of different pots for the same fruit.


It gave the youngest a chance to have a good run around too, as there was plenty of space around.


They were thrilled to see the Christmas trees growing and decided that they really wanted a real one this year.


My 5 year old son was really keen to go into the shop to have the berries weighed and paid for.


After dinner the children could not wait to eat their newly picked berries with some ice-cream. I’m really pleased to say that our fussy eater (who we think has sensory processing disorder) ate all his (we placed the berries in separate bowls in the middle of the table and let the children help themselves).


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