Sensory Processing Disorder – Bath time

If you are looking for advice on Sensory Processing Disorder and Bathtime problems please visit The Sensory Seeker

Cussons Mum & Me – Little Explorers needed reviewing we were delighted to offer to help.


Developed to make bathtime even easier and more enjoyable. The range uses fragrances, textures and colours to stimulate the senses – just perfect for our little man.

Each product also has its own unique animated character – Blip, Squidge, Fizz and Splash.

The Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash (£2.49 – 300ml) is just great because you do not need a separate shampoo and body wash. Ideal if you need to be quick, and perfect if your child wants to rub it everywhere. The formula is kind to eye and contains moisturisers to leave the skin soft. Tested above on my 5 year old – he immediately commented on how great the smell was. He is prone to eczema and I’m pleased to report that the claims to be hypo-allergenic and dermatology approved can be vouched for (as are all the products).

Super Soft Squidgy Soap (£2.49 – 200ml) – can be shaped and moulded into anything the imagination desires.

Dinosaur made from Squidgy Soap

Containing Jojoba oil and Vitamin E – again for smooth soft feeling skin.

As a sensory seeker he really loved this. He also rubbed it all over the tiles, which is really good for the exercises the Occupational Therapist has told us to do to help his hands develop (using flat vertical surfaces).

Funky Fizz Bath Crackles (£1.00 – 30g) Helping stimulate the senses these pop and bang as they hit the water, before changing the colour of the bathwater as they dissolve. He really enjoyed tipping them in and the water changing colour. It all happened so fast, and was so exciting.


Mega Mild Bubbly Bath – (£2.99 – 500ml) as mentioned bubbles can be so good for the child with Sensory Processing disorder. These also contain Avocado and Jojoba oils to help keep the skin soft.

11 thoughts on “Sensory Processing Disorder – Bath time”

  1. Some really great ideas – one problem you don’t mention is an aversion to wrinkly fingers due to water, that’s our biggest problem here – just wondered if you’ve come across that one?

    • No I haven’t but shall start asking around. Can you get out before it happens? Gloves? Guess the biggest problem for me, if that were the case, is when we go swimming, as the boys are in there ages.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. What a really great post! Made me think about lots of things I’ve not considered before!
    (Found you via the Pin It Party) x

  3. Oh Mushroom loves the squidgy soap (although we use a different brand) – Not sure if he has SPD but he’s definitely a seeker (and is especially tactile at the moment, wanting skin to skin contact most of the day if Mr B or I are around (he’s a bit fussy about others although he does randomly hug strangers sometimes)…. I will have to look for the crackles, he will love those! Think they would call for an earlier bath though, what with all the exictement (his and mine!). Great post as always.

  4. This is such a useful post, Joy. I love the ways you’ve made bath time more enjoyable.

    Thanks for joining The Sunday Showcase this week.


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