Election Hopes and Dreams

This Election Day is a big one for me because it is the first time that my son is old enough to vote. Talking about the different parties and policies with my son, helping us both decide who we should vote for, has really made me think about my hopes and dreams for the future. Not only for my oldest son, but for my whole family.

What I would like this Election Day

Ideally I would hope that this Election Day would help provide stability for us all. My oldest son is planning to go to University, then hopefully settle down and buy is his own home. I know that this election could change how easy or hard this may be for him. He is not intending to go somewhere local and so transport is a top priority for us. I wish I had a crystal ball and could see that everything is going to be okay for him. That he could comfortably afford to eat, keep warm and a roof over his head. At the same time I worry about my other children and my own future. Their education, the environment they grow up in, their health and jobs for when they have left school.

Election Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and Dreams for the Election 2015

Advice for the Election

When growing up my parents supported opposing parties but I was always grateful for their advice. I found it interesting to see the view points from different sides, my parents both explaining why they thought their view-point was the right one. Seeing why each party had arrived at their opposing arguments for issues such as immigration, welfare and the deficit. I wish my mother was still around to help give my son advice on party politics. I do not want to tell him who to vote for and different viewpoints will help give him make an unbiased decision. I wonder if he could contact her soul and ask for guidance by utilising the services of TheCircle?  If he did not fancy the services of a medium an alternative guidance could be through a reading of The Tarot cards.

I know that a lot of people do not think it is worth voting. They feel like a small fish in a big pond. Whatever advice my mother would have given my son it would have definitely been to vote.


If you don’t vote then you can’t complain.



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