A Post About Me

pinkoddyYou know I used to write about me and my family on my blog and surprisingly people used to read it. Then I got this strange idea in my head that why would anyone be interested in me, so started to write more and more about things they might be interested in. If I am honest they haven’t been as interested but I blamed the wave of new bloggers – you know the ones that have the time and effort to write good blogs, and advertise them. Thing is the one thing those bloggers can’t do is write about me! And you know what I started this as some sort of diary for me and my kids so why does it even matter if thousands of people do not flock to read it! The other thing I have been thinking about is spending a lot less time online and actually tackling the things that matter to me – getting more exercise, spending time with the kids, and trying to get my home in some sort of order – all of which, if I am honest, had been lacking lately.


The longest time we have spent apart since we got together 14 years ago

So about me. I am going to Corsica on Saturday – and instead of being excited I am petrified. I am not really that worried about being alone in another country – ok scrap that yes I am. But what worries me more is the journey there and back. I hate not knowing what I am doing, where I am going – what is expected of me. We never fly as a family (we drive to Europe) and the only time I have been on a plane in my adult years was with just hand luggage on a hen weekend. Nervous I will take the wrong things, be in the wrong place, or miss the flight!

So dependent on other people that my husband was willing to go to bed early on his birthday to get up at silly o’clock to drive me the 2 hours to the airport! And the worst thing is I would have let him. But hopefully this is the start of a journey to a new me and I have bravely booked a coach (which is actually 2 coaches) to the airport and a hotel (which is about a 20 minute walk away – tell me Heathrow is safe around midnight?!). Before I even get to the Yoga Retreat I am going to have made such a journey – and I believe the break is then going to further this. A new, more accepting of myself, me. A me that says I can do this. I me who says I am capable and deserving of this.

Eek wish me luck!

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