Is yours one of the Happy Families?

We all know that family time is so important, and what better way to make it special than giving it the personal touch. That is what they have done at Go For it Games who specialise in good little games and special editions – including fames for a special birthday milestone and the Happy Families games which have been developed with 24 of the popular surnames.Is yours one of the happy families

Jackson is, obviously, one of the most popular surnames so we were delighted to receive a pack to review. Each pack caters for the games Happy Families and Go Fish. For those not familiar with how to play there is instructions on cards in the packet. My son also pointed out that they can be used like normal packs of cards too for other games such as snap, pairs etc.

What we liked about Jackson Happy Families Cards

Not only is there great pictures depicting the Jackson Family in familiar scenarios such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas – but also there is interesting facts about the Jackson family name – such as the fact that the earliest recorded Jackson forebears was Adam Jackessone (in the year 1327); how to say Jackson in sign language; and how 50 Cent’s real name is Curtis Jackson. There are some hilarious illustrations representing all kinds of Jacksons (from baby, to toddler, to teen to parent) in all manner of situations.

Jacksons Go Fish

What I really liked about Jacksons Go Fish was that it was simple for even our youngest son with additional needs to pick up, play and win (without help!). It helps with his thinking and problem solving skills, as well as numbers, colours, grouping and obviously the social aspect of rules and turn taking. I also like how the game spanned across the age gaps in our family and that there are characters to identify with (I love how Mr Jackson is driving and the kids are fighting in the back of the car, whilst Mrs Jackson is just on her phone!). There are also cards where you can design your own story/set!

Jacksons Happy Families Game

Jackson Happy Families seems like a slightly more complex version of Jacksons Go Fish and less cards are utilised. This was harder for our youngest son – but really helped him to understand the game in more intricate detail (instead of asking for a set you have to ask for an individual). This really supported him with his understand of who is who (Mrs and Miss for example) – and the relationships in the family (mother/daughter and so on). This game was also a longer version but still quite a brief fun game – which for us was played on a rainy afternoon after dad had come home from work but before dinner.Happy Families Personalised Gift Edition

The Special Edition Happy Families cards make a great game for a night in, beating boredom, travelling, to play on a family break, or even a gift – everyone loves a personal touch don’t they! And that’s why each pack comes with a sheet of gift wrap with the family name on.

Happy Families Discount Code

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Please note I will receive 10% commission if you that amounts to more than £25 but that is not why I recommend this product. I received a packet of Jackson Happy Families for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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