Day 17: Christmas Present ideas for Boys #Review

Christmas Present Craft TRH

I asked around for ideas of what things people associated with Christmas (for the Christmas TRH Book Advent) and have to say that presents came up a lot. Making a toilet roll holder (trh) into a present was really easy and a good, cheap, way to help teach your children the art of wrapping. If they are good at it they can always help wrap up presents (unless in your house it is an elf that wraps them up).

christmas presents for boys

I also used an off cut piece of wrapping that would have otherwise been wasted (recycled). Simply wrap the toilet roll holder in the paper, securing with tape. Then decorate as you would your presents – we added a sticky tape bow and label. You can use ribbon, bows and all manner of things to jazz up your present. We also just cheaply made a tag out of paper – but again you can get as fancy as you like.

This could also be a useful way of disguising wrapping something small by popping it inside – and changing its shape and size.

Christmas Present idea – National Geographic Kids Subscription

We are going to have an alternative to a book again today because I think what makes a lovely present is a magazine subscription – and what better subscription than to National Geographic Kids (For subscriptions call the hotline on 0844 322 1213)– encouraging children to think about nature and get outdoors.

Christmas present ideas for boys

Our copy came with a free bug which my little boy just loved the different textures – I think we will have to go out and explore what different textures we can find outside now too.

Christmas present ideas for boys

A top present this Christmas is SkylandersSWAPForce and the additional characters – so my boys loved the fact that they were in this magazine. I think being in touch with what children like is really important in trying to engage them to do something else. The same is true with the feature on the film Epic.

 Christmas present ideas for boys

Christmas Present idea – Dobble

 Another way to encourage children to “read” is through symbols – and visually. What better way than in a fun game – like Esdevium Games Limited popular game Dobble. 55 cards in a tin make up a game of speed, observation, and reflexes. Recommended for ages 6 up for 2-8 players. It is a bit like a game of snap – but with multiple images to try to find which one matches. Every card has 8 symbols on from a possible 50, but only one will match on each card Also featuring 5 different mini-games – The Well, the Towering inferno, Hot potato, Catch them all and the Poisoned gift. The game is simple to play, suitable for the family and easy to store and carry – especially good if you have any camping holidays or long journeys planned.

Christmas present ideas for boys

Other Popular Christmas Present ideas for Boys this Christmas are

Figures for SkylandersSWAPForce


Smurfs and a Smurf house

Christmas present ideas for boys

Battlebox Bear Grylls Dangerous Den Kit

Christmas present ideas for boys

A good book like – Omzak the Space Cat Warrior

Christmas present ideas for boys

The Croods

Christmas present ideas for boys

Disneys Jake and the Neverland Pirates Who Shook Hook Game

Christmas present ideas for boys

An Experience – like Go Ape

Christmas present ideas for boys

Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Superset

A Micro Scooter

Christmas present ideas for boys

But the Number 1 wanted Christmas Present this year is the Playstation 4. Note there are different packages so you do not have to get one that is an 18.

Christmas Present ideas for Boys

I have received some of the above products in order to review them. All words and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Day 17: Christmas Present ideas for Boys #Review”

  1. Some lovely ideas for when my boy is a bit older (although he does have a microscooter already)

    Oh and yes there is an elf that wraps all the presents in our house – she does require payment in chocolate and wine though 🙂

  2. What a great list! Boys are always trickier to buy for and I have 2! We are big fans of National Geographic magazine and I love the look of the Bear Grylls Den Kit, that would go down well in my house! And they are big smurf fans too! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  3. We went for an xBox not a PS 🙂
    Other than that Croods, sumrfs and lots of football stuff are on my boys lists.
    I actually went for real books, as Ron just discovered reading this year and he is loving it right now (and also I was stuck with ideas and books are always a good idea). But I have to say, I never thought of the National Geographic for Kids subscription before, but it is definitely going on the list for Yon for next year! What a great idea.
    Have a wonderful Christmas! x


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