Help for the Aging Lady

help for the aging ladyGetting older is something that inevitably happens to us all. Whilst I would not want to go back and relive puberty I think that is much better than growing old. I mean there’s plenty of warning and everyone knows roughly when it is going to happen. Let’s be honest, as hard as it was, it was also most welcome. Longing for those first signs of becoming an adult – hairs under the arms and a shapelier figure. But want about later on in life? There doesn’t seem to be any predetermined age – or obvious advice.

Aging in my Thirties

For those who do not know I am only 36 years old. I say only because actually I am really quite taken by surprise that I am actually heading for old age. I am sure there are those who will scoff and say I am very young but really I was not expecting to feel changes in my thirties. It started when I noticed that I have started to have grey hairs. I am not sure when I thought they would come – post fifty maybe! I have seen advice to leave them alone but I couldn’t! Okay there’s only about 6 or 7 (and yep I cut them out), but it is the fact that they have really taken me by surprise. I have considered for the first time how hard it is for parents of teens, as they are not only dealing with their teen’s changes but they may also be dealing with changes of their own.

Physical Pains and Ways to Try to Prevent them

Apart from my grey hairs, other physical complaints are mainly my aches and pains. Again something I was not expecting so early on in life. I went to visit Sarah at Marusa Wellbeing for a back massage and got some advice on my lifestyle.I learnt that there are certain things that I do, that can be doing damage to my body. Things to consider are how I am sleeping – what are my pillows like? Am I being supported? Am I spending too much time slouched over – for example when using my phone or laptop? In fact actually to benefit my back and to improve visual comfort while working on a computer, my screen should be at eye level so I have been thinking about switching back to a computer desktop. In fact there are lots more physical things going on but I am too embarrassed to discuss them – again if more people did it may be easier (may be I will revisit the post when I am older).

Looking after My Health

Help for the Aging LadyI have also noticed my teeth aren’t what they used to be, and I am making sure I spend the time cleaning, not only my teeth, but between my teeth and gums properly. I am also trying to improve my diet and drink more water (which will also help with my gums). I definitely need to fit some daily exercise into my day.

The Emotional Side of Aging

Aside from the physical changes I am noticing, there seems to be the emotional side too. Although I do not feel like I could be experiencing a midlife crisis just yet (I hope not anyway), I am starting to become disheartened about my life. I hear others talk about what they have previously been (career wise), and what skills they have and I feel I have nothing to offer (which deep down I know is not true). I need to focus on what I have, and what I have achieved. Trouble is I have been a mother for so long that it feels like most of that is in the past (although saving to get on the property ladder was no mean feat and we only bought our house 2 and half years ago). I need to remember that being a mother is a very important job in itself too. My oldest son is doing very well and is leaving to go University this year. Maybe this is also causing my emotional unbalance. I think what I need to do is to set myself some goals, targets, things I want to achieve.

Advice for the Aging Woman

I would love to know if anyone else is feeling similar, or if any older ladies have any advice, experience or want to tell me it gets worse easier. I remember my Mother used to take cod liver oil capsules but never really understand why. Of course she is not here to ask, or to share her experiences. I think my main fear is that I am too young – and that actually things are going to get worse – much worse.


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  1. Oh I feel your pain, literally! I have noticed my posture had got really bad which was causing some backache but have found exercise has really improved this. I am totally guilty of not flossing enough too.
    My grandparents always took cod liver oil and my folks take A MILLION supplements. Maybe i should start too?

  2. Fresh air, a bit of exercise and gin – that’s all I need!
    When I turned 40 I found myself thinking about this all a lot more. In the end I decided that it’s good to be 40, to get older, as you start to appreciate the ‘good bits’ of your health more and focus on improving the bad bits in a way that you wouldn’t have bothered thinking about 20 year ago!

  3. I take quite a few supplements. Evening Primrose Oil and Vitex have both helped calm the hormonal changes that I’ve had since getting older. Otherwise, lots of water, fresh air and sleep, and the occasional session of acupuncture. I should be better at exercising, but I really don’t enjoy it. I do pilates once a week, but struggle to do much more than that.

  4. I know how you feel. I am 34 and I feel like my body is letting me down big time. I am full of pains that sometimes just stop me to do the things i am suppose too. And the emotional side….oh well…you put it very well there…I feel like i should give myself a slap and maybe like that I will start feeling a bit more achieved?

  5. OOh I know what you mean – I am heading fast for 42 and it feels a bit weird frankly. I think the worst thing for me is accepting I wont have more children – even though I dont want anymore, I find the fact that my fertility is nearly at its end really peculiar and emotional. Its odd as I still feel young in my head, but then I creak when I stand up, or see a photo and realise how many wrinkles I now have – its all quite a surprise to my inner 18 year old!

  6. I remember getting back pains a few years back. I lot of it was back sitting posture and scoliosis (from my mom). The two things that really helped was yoga and weight lifting (back and overhead exercises). It took a while maybe 3 months or so but after that the pain went away and my posture got much better. Been doing them ever since.


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