Week of Half Marathon, The One With Positive PCR

It would seem silly to stop the journey to the Half Marathon the week before the week it happened on so I thought I would just round it off here. I guess I will then post any updates on my injury when something significant happens again. For those who aren’t familiar with the journey you can start here.

Gloucester half marathon medal

Walking Again

The week started with The Sensory Seeker’s annual review. After I had been to it (he’s doing super well by the way) I walked into town to buy a meal deal from Tesco for lunch. This was so that I could join my husband at work for lunch.

When his break was over there wasn’t really any point in driving home as it would be time to come back again. As it was my sister’s birthday I went to Costa and had some cake. She cut me off when I had to make a difficult family decision that I don’t believe I am legally allowed to talk about! All in all this meant that I had done a fair bit of walking (around 4 miles).

Exercises from Physio

For the next 5 days in a row I managed the exercises that the physio had set. I was in agony but told myself I needed to do them. Either to help get better or prove that there was something more that needed looking at.

Sports Massage

On the Thursday I went to see the lady who does my sports massages. When she asked why I had come I told her it was mainly like a treat. Little did I know how much I needed it. A sports massage hadn’t been that painful for a while. She said I was a lot worse and to Google Back Mice.

Other Exercises

The physio also said that I needed to do exercises regularly too. So Tuesday I managed a 2 mile run, Wednesday and Thursday I walked but Friday I hurt too much. Saturday I was okay to do Parkrun but I began to feel really sick. The pain was unbearable. In fact the last marshal even asked me if I was okay, and I told them no but I was almost there.

I was jeffing a 60:30 and not going super-fast or anything. At the end I felt really hot. My husband tried to reassure me it is because I had sprinted the end. But I do that every week and don’t feel like this. I was so concerned I went home and did a lateral flow test! This was negative.

Sunday Covid-19 and the Half Marathon

There had been lots of the news about Covid-19 tests not being accurate. None of the advice fitted what was happening was us though really. Our teen seemed fine and I just wasn’t worried. Then Saturday evening I was contacted for him to get a new test. You could read about the full saga here, but needless to say that I had a choice to book him in the morning and possibly get the result before school or late in the day.

The Half Marathon was due to start at 8:30am. Numbers hadn’t been sent out which means we would need to leave at 7am at the latest. The 5K that my husband and boys were meant to do during the Half – well that didn’t start until 11:15am, which means actually the race would be over. Plus there was no e-mail for the boys.

Added to this was the fact that my husband had hurt his ankle, falling on his 100th Parkrun! I hate driving, especially when I don’t know where I am going. With all this in mind I asked the teen if he wanted to do the Half. He said only if I was going to make him do it!

Although I am sure he would be fine you can tell from my posts that he hadn’t trained for it. In fact what was it 15 weeks since the last long run? So I booked the test for the morning and that was the end of our Half Marathon!

River Swim

After Parkrun I was in agony, which was only remedied by a nice cold swim in the river on the Sunday. We were in just under 50 minutes and my thermometer duck said it was 14 degrees. This means it was colder by 1 degree than last time.

yellow thermometer duck displaying 14 degrees in river

Saying remedied by that I mean I was in slightly less pain. Which was also keeping me awake again at night. The (younger) teen had been asking me if I had done my exercises offering to do them with me. No encouragement in the world could get me to do them that Sunday, it just hurt too much.

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  1. Oh dear, it really doesn’t get any better for you, does it?
    What a shame about the half marathon, but it sounds like your son’s heart wasn’t in it anyway. I hope you both get to do one at some point in the future. X


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