To iron or not to iron that is the Question


Talking with the girls  and it turns out that half of us iron, and half of us do not bother. So it lead me to think about the question

To Iron or Not to Iron?

We went through a phase in this house where we stopped ironing. We felt that we weren’t any good at ironing and that it never looked any better. We tried all the “hang it up as soon as you take it out the dryer” but it just wasn’t the same. It has been suggested that by the time you wear the clothes they don’t actually look any different if you bother to iron them or not (to take  a photograph and see if you can tell any difference). Squashed up in the wardrobe, crumpled on the way to work.  And do people actually look at people’s clothes and take notice of whether they are ironed or not? And what about the young children that just get their clothes dirty in a matter of minutes – do they need their clothes ironed?

Then we started ironing my husband’s work shirts. I found this site on how to iron a shirt properly. After a while of shirt ironing we noticed the school uniform did actually look scruffy so started ironing that, which led us to ironing the other clothes – or not as my 4 huge bottomless baskets of ironing suggest. We looked up tips to save time – like putting foil underneath the cover.

Let’s be honest there are a lot more exciting things to do in life that ironing. How on Earth people have time to iron bedsheets, handkerchiefs, towels and the like. Then there’s people who enjoy ironing – I found this nice blog who appears to love ironing and has blogged about the different types of ironing and ironing equipment – another thing we have to decide on if we decide that actually we do need to iron.


Then there are people that iron for money – but again that is quiet costly and I think there’s better things I could spend my money on.

So what is your take on it? To iron or not to iron?

This is not a sponsored post. None of the linked sites are anything to do with me, I just found them on the web, and do not endorse them.

29 thoughts on “To iron or not to iron that is the Question”

  1. oh fun fun, I suppose I must sort out my washing pile to make sure the school clothes are all ready for tomorrow :::sigh:::

  2. We didn’t used to iron until dh got a job needing a shirt and then we have slowly introduced more stuff into the equation. Don’t know how people iron sheets and things though.

  3. I’m just about to start ironing – if it looked this artistic I might be a bit more enthusiastic about it 🙂 great shot!


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