Party Time

So our little boy turned 3 last month. He doesn’t say a lot but one day he uttered the words “Party!” Unfortunately it was too late in the day to get the hall for his birthday and the absolute only time it wasn’t booked up was the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend.

All he wanted was Dancing, Sweets, Chocolate and Pizza!!

We decided that as well as the usual party games (pass the parcel and musical chairs) we would have the children make their own party bags.

I ordered some paper bags (easier to recycle too) from eBay and gathered up some of my crafty things from around the house – googly eyes, foam shapes, glitter, glue sticks, stickers, and the most popular – cardboard characters (cut out from Easter Egg boxes, clothes tags, etc, etc).

Then we had treasure hunt boxes – one for the girls and one for the boys. We just covered cardboard boxes in red and blue paper. The girls we put a red ribbon around too.

Inside the box I used newspaper torn up, or the tissue paper that comes in shoe boxes. I then added some of the paper which we had decorated the outside of the box in torn pieces inside – and any other bits of a similar colour.

Then we put in the toys and hide them under the paper.

They had great fun picking out their toy for their newly made party bags.

Next they collected their sweets for their bags.

Again I bought the paper bags from eBay and put a mixture of different sweets into each bag.

I secured each bag with the shiny ribbon (which I had around the house) and curled the ends.

I then took an old shoe box and covered it in the same paper as the treasure hunt box.

I put some packaging inside to help raise the level up.

Then covered that in more of the paper. Securing with sellotape.

I placed all the bags of sweets in and again put more of the ribbon around the box.

Finally no party bag would be complete without cake. My boys love making cake so what better way to say thank you to their friends for coming than to make the cake themselves.

I turned these inexpensive chocolate cupcakes into Toy Story Cakes by simply adding edible paper toppings (again eBay).

Although my son was amazed to have a Woody cake I don’t think that the young ones understood that they could eat the paper.

And finally we had a cake to sing Happy Birthday.

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14 thoughts on “Party Time”

  1. What an awesome party and what a great mum! You must have been shattered after all of that! Thanks for sharing on family frolics! 🙂

  2. Such wonderful ways to celebrate your son’s 3rd birthday. Beautiful pictures! I wish him many, many, more Happy Birthdays. Thanks for adding this link to Creative Monday. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. You all did a great job,bet they had a fab time happy belated birthday 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays 🙂

  4. Great birthday party – I bet the kids had a ball choosing their toy! And the birthday cake looks soooo yummy!!!

    Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times 🙂

  5. Some really great ideas there we will have a 3 year old come the summer and I love the idea of getting them to make their own bags.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots


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