How you can take baby steps to help save the World

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference – if we all do a little something. This is pretty much the theme of this year’s National Zero Waste Week – which takes place the week beginning Monday 3rd September 2012.

The focus is on improving recycling habits and ways you could join in is by:-

  • Finding out what can be recycled at your kerbside and make full use of facilities
  • Check your local bring banks to see what you can recycle locally
  • Take home fruit peelings and cores to compost at home or set up a compost heap or bokashi bin at work
  • Perhaps you’ve noticed battery recycling in your local shop; start using it!
  • Take home your recyclables instead of using litter bins when out and about

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2012

If every household in the UK recycled ‘one more thing’, the total amount collected for recycling could increase by more than three quarters of a million tonnes.

So decide on your activity and visit My Zero Waste and leave a PLEDGE, then return during National Zero Waste Week to share how you are progressing.

Our family’s week of landfill rubbish during our first Zero Waste Week

As long as you end up increasing your recycling in order to reduce landfill waste in some way, you can choose anything you like.

FACEBOOK – For more great discussions and ideas.

TWITTER – Use the twitter hashtags #onemorething and #nzww and follow My Zero Waste.

Ways we have cut down:

We changed the way we thought about rubbish.

We did this by thinking about our shopping habits – thinking about the packaging when you buy. Getting rid of big landfill bins around the house and replaced them with small recycling bins instead. We have a small landfill bin now and because it fills quicker I feel you make more of an effort NOT to fill it. We make FULL use of kerbside collection, then we sell or donate unwanted items before visiting the Home Recycling Centre (did you know they have a section where others can go and take your unwanted, recyclable goods?). Give the birds the ends of our bread. Reuse our bags at the supermarket. Cloths instead of disposable things etc. I am always reusing things for craft – jars, tubs, bits of paper, string etc. Prepaid envelopes – just cross off the address – also good for school dinner money etc. We have compost bins – and these are great not only for getting rid of unwanted food, lowering our risk of identity theft (by putting in our shredded confidential documents) but also create great homes for lots of lovely insects which are fascinating and educational to our children :O)

Am sure I could go on and on – but I’m sure you get the idea.

Go on please make a pledge and spread the good word.

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  1. The idea behind the week is to gather support, momentum and fun as we work together towards a common goal. By choosing something simple it makes the week inclusive. No matter where you are on your zero waste journey, there is always one more thing you can do.


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