Create your own Halloween T-shirt

Halloween can be such a fun time of year with dressing up. But sometimes you go into the shops and it’s all the same. If you fancied something different, or are on a budget why not make your own


Home made Halloween T-shirt @pinkoddy

As previously mentioned I have been doing Adult Education Classes in  Halloween Craft one and this is where this idea comes from – you can visit the tutor (Amanda)’s webpage here. The one shown has been made by me at the class but it so easy to do with children that I thought I would share it here now.

You can either start by deciding on what colour t-shirt you will use or look through the various designs online or create your own and then decide on the colour t-shirt to use.


After you have decided on your design draw it on to something that is thick enough to stop the paint running underneath it and cut it out.


Secure with masking tape to prevent it slipping and paint with fabric paints (or you can use textile pens as below).


I cut out the Boo and attach the parts I cut out so that the paint on the t-shirt was like the Boo I had drawn.

Make sure that how you are cutting it is how it will appear (and not a mirror image).

Test it on some fabric – also a good test to make sure that the paint does not run.


Then remove the template carefully and check the edges haven’t run. Touch up if need be.


I thought I would use the “other” Boo to make an orange one and therefore it would say “Boo Boo” (as in a mistake).


I then drew around a Ghost template using textile pens. Making it go behind the letters at the top and giving the letters at the bottom a see-through appearance.


Then I painted the Ghost with white fabric paint.

Finally the t-shirt just needs turning inside out and dry-ironing (this can be done with a thin layer of fabric on the top too).

My son loves this top so much he has been wearing it all year round! Obviously the same method can be used for any t-shirt at any time of year.

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