Making a Ghost

Craft with Children doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.With Halloween coming up I thought I’d show you how we cheaply and easily made a ghost from a few materials we had around the house.

Ghost bottle @pinkoddy

He looks so simple doesn’t it – well that’s because he is.

All you need is a milk carton, a white bin liner, a marker pen and something to hang it up with.


Simply draw your face on your bin liner.


Then place the bag over the bottle and tie it on before placing the lid back on.


Then hang him up outside and see how scary he looks blowing about in the wind.

     Happy Halloween

9 thoughts on “Making a Ghost”

  1. Wow, surprised you had time for anything! It sounds like exciting projects you are involved with. Hope the V&D have passed through (ahem, poor choice of words!))Loving your ghost. The simple ideas are often the best. I might just use this on Wednesday to decorate our house for Trick or Treating with our guests here at Coombe Mill. We have plenty of 2 litre bottles and white bags from the business laundry here on the farm. It would make perfect recycled decorations! Thank you for the tip and for linking to Country Kids!


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