The Clocks Changing

Well the clocks go back on Sunday 28th October 2012

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who seems to have children who have just started sleeping in. Well now it’s all going to shift about and I will not GAIN an hour – oh no I am going to lose it!! Because say my children normally get up at 7, well now the clock will say 6. They aren’t going to stay in bed any longer are they! But chances are when the new clock time says 6pm (which would normally have been their 7pm bedtime)  they are not going to want to go to bed either – oh no, and so over tired they will stay up another hour – hence I’ve lost it.

Well for this weekend only

Friday 19th October – Sunday 21st October

The exclusive shopping service Jamie@Home are helping you readjust by offering

40% off their Good Times Kitchen Clock

Therefore it’s only £24

SAVING £16!!!!

But hurry it’s first come first served!

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