Would you rather show your Boobs

Than your belly?

It seems that there are images of boobs everywhere!

Currently there is  a campaign to get Dominic Mohan to drop the bare boobs from The Sun newspaper (to sign the petition no more boobs on page 3 go here)


A recent conversation with some friends seemed to reveal that actually women’s bellies are only every shown to be “perfect”,  and that, especially those after had given birth, are somewhat of a taboo. And as we go around keeping them covered up – not revealing our stretch marks and wobbly bits, and section scars – means that women seem to think that their’s are particularly awful and so must keep them covered.

That actually, boobs are shown to come in all shapes and sizes and so you can determine that yours are “normal” – that what we need is more normalisation of belly images – in all shapes, sizes.


What do you think – would you rather show off your boobs or your belly?

5 thoughts on “Would you rather show your Boobs”

  1. Could I choose neither please? At least not yet.

    However, I’m not bothered about the fact that we ‘see’ boobs, what really bothers me is the sexualisation of them… I’m very much in the camp of ‘women have boobs for a reason’ and yes, we can have some errr.. fun with them but that isn’t their sole purpose….

    Anyway, I digress, bellies do come in all shapes and sizes and very often, mothers have wobbly ones…. I’m just not ready to bare mine yet…

  2. I’d rather show my belly! I was lucky not to get any stretch-marks on my tummy after my 2 (they’re all over my bottom and legs instead) and my tummy is one of the areas I’m least self-conscious about. My boobs on the other hand..they won’t be coming out any time soon 😉 x

  3. Well I could bare my belly….but my boobs drop that low I doubt you would see much. Neither of them are “picture perfect” and would take a long time to air brush, but they are mine and my oh is still quite happy to be turned on by them..


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