Sensory Processing Disorder – Tactile Touch

Sensory Processing Disorder is when the information we constantly received by the seven senses is misinterpreted by the brain when it is processed. Sometimes our brains say there is TOO MUCH information coming in, and sometimes NOT ENOUGH. One of the areas this happens in is that of the Tactile sense – or touch.

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3 thoughts on “Sensory Processing Disorder – Tactile Touch”

  1. Great article. Maxi suffered with this (I wrote about it ages ago) He is a lot better now, but we still sometimes have issues with socks and hats and he can not cope with labels in his clothes even now

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have just been reading over all your posts on SPD with interest, as I have been wondering whether this applies to Mushroom. I’m still not sure but when it comes to touch, almost everything in the ‘not enough’ section here applies to him – bar the self-harm (biting etc.) although he does go through phases of biting Mr B and I (no-one else). I will definitely be looking into this to find out more.


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