Lego City Arctic Photography

Lego City Arctic Photography

Lego City Arctic PhotographyI am really learning lots by myself just taking photographs of Lego. I was quite sad for my son this morning as we had a tiny bit of snow and he really wanted to play with his Lego City Arctic builds but had to go to school. I knew it would have all melted by the time he got home so promised to take some pictures for him.

Now before you think I am mean having all the fun then let me tell you that my hands got really cold. Actually who I am I kidding I had lots of fun and felt empowered that I figured stuff out for myself.

  1. Lego City Arctic PhotographyLego City Arctic PhotographyUsing real snow makes great pictures and is much easier than fake stuff.
  2. If I do not like what is in my shot then I can use a background.
  3. I can half press my camera button to focus on my object (Lego) but then completely move the camera so that it is in a different position in the frame before taking the photo (if I donโ€™t do this then the object isnโ€™t focussed and goes all blurry).
  4. Lego City Arctic PhotographyLego City Arctic PhotographyRemembering to use different angles and locations.
  5. To think outside the box.
  6. That I can make videos from photos and then edit them. What that means is it is difficult to split a video when it is just videos, but by saving it as a video then I can. Does that make sense?

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26 thoughts on “Lego City Arctic Photography”

  1. I like your thinking. I took my wired Adam and his dog to “play” in the garden once… pictures in a real nature looked so much better then the one taken inside.

  2. Love it! I am learning from you too ๐Ÿ™‚ Video looks fab. Am well jell of your snow, even if it was only a little bit! Wind and rain down here, lucky us, not!

  3. big kid at work and some lovely photography tips too! You did better than us at least getting a covering of snow. What did your son make of your photos?


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