Coca-Cola pledges to reduce sugar

After watching this weeks JunkFoodKids I thought I would talk about sugar and one of my favourite companies Coca-Cola. I was sent this promotional information but have not been paid and just wanted to share it. We tend to have “treats” in moderation and not as a norm. 25% of mums feel overloaded and confused by the information they hear about ingredients in food and drink products. Time is often the major barrier for healthy options – in learning what is good/bad, convenience and preparation time. Sugar is currently in the front of people’s minds and Change4Life have been helping this with the SugarSwaps. We have found that frozen and tinned products (in juice not syrup) helped a lot as we can buy them weekly and not have to worry about them going off, as well as saving time n preparation. Sometimes parents just are not aware of what damage they can be doing. We gave our boys orange juice every day (the long life stuff) thinking we were doing them good (one of their five a day). Our son was having trouble with his teeth but the dentist just kept telling us to brush them (which we/he was). It was only when we swapped dentists that they informed us that it was the juice. We stopped (swapped it for milk) and now he doesn’t have the same troubles.

coca cola pledgesCoca-Cola realise and understand that they play a part in the responsibility of helping people to enjoy their products as part of a balanced diet.  They clearly label the sugar and calories on their packaging and have been working hard to REDUCE the sugar and calories in their drinks, through innovation in product reformulation whilst maintaining the same great taste. Today 40% of the Coca-Cola products they sell are without sugar or calories. The sugar and calories in Lilt have been reduced by 56% and in Dr Pepper, Sprite and Fanta by 30%. With new product Coca-Cola Life has a third less sugar and calories than regular Coca-Cola, It is made with a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract.

Coca-Cola have created a new film which discusses the range of choice they offer and explains the steps they have taken to help expand this choice – and why.  You can read more about the Coca-Cola pledges relating to physical activity, responsible drinking and more.

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