Family Zombie Survival Weekender

Youth and Family Zombie Survival Weekender event:

When you have age gaps like mine (6, 7, 12 and 18) it can be difficult to find things for all the boys to do together. So when we were invited to the Zombie Survival Weekender in Egwysilian Mountain (10 miles north of Cardiff) I knew it would be just perfect.

zombie survival weekender

What is The Youth and Family Zombie Survival Weekender Event?

A weekend of camping and surviving with Zombies! Starting at 10am on Saturday 22nd August 2015. A unique experience for families to learn and teach together in a structured and fun environment. People of all ages and abilities, with different backgrounds and experiences. The event is around 30 hours long (ending around 3pm on Sunday 23rd August 2015) and consists of survival skills, camping, bushcraft, first aid, self-defence, discussion and debate, survival theory, and will be broken up with exciting inter-team challenges and games and regular breaks. During the evenings/nights a fun child-friendly zombie avoidance game.
Family Zombie Survival Weekender

The horror has been turned down to make it suitable for a young audience – whilst keeping the fun and excitement is still there. A chance for human survivors to solve missions, challenges and games without being caught by zombies. If the zombies catch them they then have to go to the zombification tent where they are turned into a zombie and go off catching the human survivors.

The children are split into groups dependent on age (they require a 1:1 adult ratio with them. The under threes will be introduced to camping and the outdoors on a most basic level. The children’s group (ages 3-10) will be shown various exciting survival skills that they will get hands on practice and experience themselves to try, and full on exciting activities and games, challenges, missions, quests and riddles. This group will finish around 9pm, once it’s dark. The Youth Group (10-17 years) will take those skills further and will be able teach each other their own skills – this group will go on until 10:30-11pm. People can sit around the fire or go back to their tents for the night, tired and satisfied.

The benefits of the Zombie Survival Weekender Event

This exciting and memorable weekend has a lot of psychological benefits – including the development and confrontation of phobias. A section of the event is to explore and discuss what make us scared/what we are afraid of. What are real and what are irrational fears. How to overcome fears and anxiety, and about feeling safe. It is great for confidence building, leadership skills, speaking and listening, problem solving, critical thinking, concentration and independence.

Family Zombie Survival Weekender

Prices Zombie Survival Weekender Event

 Adults £55

Under 3s are free.  3-10 year olds are £15. 10-17 years £30.

Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children) : £140.

Each child must be accompanied by an adult on a 1:1 basis. If you do not have enough adults to cover the children then if you get in touch with the providers and they will endeavour to help you (Email:

Requirements for Zombie Survival Weekender Event

There are a few things required to take part in the Zombie Survival Weekender event, such as being available on the weekend of 22nd-23rd August 2015. You will need your own tent but there are no pitch size limitations – however no trailers or caravans are allowed.

Family Zombie Survival Weekender

Zombie Survival Weekender Event Family Pass Giveaway

Readers of Pinkoddy’s blog have the chance to win a free standard family pass (2 adults and 2 children). Just answer the question below and enter the Rafflecopter.

Go and check the Essential Equipment List and tell me:

Apart from a tent, food and drink name another 3 things that are essential to take on the Zombie Survival Weekender Event?

I will need the winner’s group’s full names and children’s ages.

E: 01/08/2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: You must be available on the weekend of Saturday August 22nd 2015 10am to Sunday 23rd August 2015. You will need to make your own way there, and need the essentials as listed on the website (which includes a tent, food and drink). No alternative prizes are available.

Family Zombie Survival Weekender

But that’s not all – Pinkoddy readers can have FREE child places – just use code: FAMBIE2


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Twitter: @zombiesw


Myself and my family have been invited to the Zombie Survival Weekender free of charge in order to do a full review 

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