Christmas Hamper Inspiration

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

When you have someone special in your life but don’t know what to buy them for Christmas I think a Christmas Hamper is a great idea. I think when you put them together yourself it makes them even more special as you can really tailor it to the reciprocant. Last year we made a special food hamper for my husband’s Nan who needed wheat-free products and has trouble getting out and about. I lined it with a red scarf to keep her warm and threw in a few Christmas Knickknack’s to give it a festive feel.

I was invited to Christmas in July and got some Christmas Hamper Inspiration at Wilko – quality products at affordable prices.

Christmas Hamper Inspiration at Wilko

Creating a Christmas Hamper

  1. What are you going to put into your Christmas Hamper?

There are so many ideas of things that could go in a Christmas Hamper depending on the recipient. You could base it on a current hobby interest or favourite film. Here are some general ideas:

Food (pickles/cheese/biscuits/fruit/Christmas meal, etc), cooking/baking, drinks (wine/tea/coffee), beauty, health/fitness, clothing, cooking, toiletries, Pet, Collectibles, Cleaning (for a first car as opposed to a mother/wife!), DIY, Tech, Humour, Sweets, Small Toys, Christmas Eve (colouring books/Reindeer food, PJs, etc) – and so on.

Suggested items from Wilko:

Wilko Fruits Bath Foam Mini (418849) £1.00; Wilko Gadget Face Mats (418313) £3.00; Wilko Gadget Selfie Stick (418326) £5.00; Wilko Green Bird Bottle (0418074. £3.00); Wilko Silver Star Votive (0418037) £2.00; Wilko Safari Hand Puppet Elephant/Zebra Assorted (417387) £3.00; Wilko Story Tales Peg Dolls Red Riding Hood (415893) £2.00; Wilko Blox Figures Assortment (414839) £2.00; Wilko Chitter Chatter Teeth (320694) £1.00; Wilko Kiss 3D Smokey Eye Shadow Set (SKU 418869) £3; Wilko Silicone Muffin Cases 12 Pack (SKU 284943) £2.

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

  1. First you need to decide on your Hamper Basket

For example would you go for the Wilko Large Bamboo Hamper Basket (401525) £2.50 or the Wilko Small Bamboo Hamper Basket (401526) £1.50.

Which size you opt for may well be determined by the products you have opted to go for or you budget perhaps.

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

  1. How are you going to decorate your Christmas Hamper Basket?

You may wish to opt for the Wilko Hamper Accessory Pack (shredded paper, cello wrap and jumbo pull bow. 401492) £2.00. Or you may wish to use Wilko Merry Christmas Ribbon 3m (401496) £1.00 or Wilko Frozen Ribbon 3m (419564) £1. If you wanted you could even wrap the Hamper Basket – chose from Wilko Merry & Bright Striped Wrap (8 metres assorted. 419927) £2.00; Wilko Foil Baubles Wrap (5 Metres 419929) £2.00; Wilko Gnome Gift Wrap (12 Metres 419945) £2.00; Wilko Stag Gift Wrap (8 Metres 419930) £2.00; and Wilko Luxury Craft Wrap Twin Pack (419801) £4.00.

  1. How you are going to arrange your Christmas Hamper Basket.

As I say last year I placed a red scarf at the bottom – this not only added to the Christmas Hamper, and gave the base a good colour but it also raised everything up in the basket. I also won a fruit hamper last year and they used cardboard underneath to do the same thing. You may fit the Wilko Ultra Soft Throw Silver (120x150cm. 0417730. £5.00) or Wilko Fleece Throw Grey Star Design (120x150cm. 0417727. £3.00) at the bottom of your Christmas Hamper Basket.

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

I think a few key Christmas Decorations added in to the Christmas Hamper give it a really nice touch: I like Wilko Nature’s Noel Tartan Heart Decoration Assorted (419853) £1.00; Wilko Nature’s Noel Bird Decoration (419854) £2.00; Wilko Nature’s Noel Metal Mistletoe Decoration (419607) £1.50; Wilko Nature’s Noel 3D Wooden Tree/Star Decoration (322140) £1.00; Wilko Merry & Bright Mini Knitted Jumper Decoration Assorted (419842) £1.50; Wilko Merry & Bright Embroidered Star Decoration (419847) £1.50; Wilko Merry & Bright Mini Fabric Stocking Decoration Assorted (419845) £1.50; Wilko Merry & Bright Glitter Metal Snowflake Decoration (419604) £1.50 or the Wilko Merry & Bright Felt Robin Hanging Decoration (419841) £1.50.

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

Do you feel inspired to make a Christmas Hamper from items at Wilko? Do you have any other ideas for a Christmas Hamper?

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