Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

If you want an alternative to chocolate this Easter, or a way to entertain the children then you will find that the Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure animation is your perfect solution. This is a fun-filled adventure that will have the whole family cracking up!
Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure Plot

A giant was going to have bacon and eggs for breakfast but Rolo (who is an egg but later turns into The Little Chicken) comes and saves the eggs. He then turns into a teenage rooster, but everyone calls him a chicken. The old lady where he lives goes bankrupt and this means that she has to sell the farm, making everyone homeless. Rolo then falls in love with a chicken, and her dad tells Rolo that he can make money to save the farm by wrestling. He helps Rolo by teaching him his best moves and then takes him to the ducks so that they can teach him how to fly. He must beat the champ Talons of Thunder. When he beats him he gets loads of money and this means that they can carry on living in the farm.

Featuring the voices of Zachary Gordon (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Jon Heder (Napolean Dynamite), Amber Montana (The Thundermans); Directed by Rodolfo Riva-Palacio Alastriste, Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste and distributed by Lionsgate UK Ltd/Lionsgate International (UK) Ltd.Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure Rated PG:

  • The opening scene is one of mild threat as the female giant plans to eat the eggs! She has sharp teeth and glowing eyes – and a bit of a roar. Characters are quickly rescued however.
  • There is mild comic violence – showing fighting in a boxing ring – including showing moves such a punching and karate chops. No chickens or roosters were harmed in the making of the animation (and the characters aren’t shown to be really hurt).
  • There are references to drugs – ‘erbs, flying and tripping.
  • There is mild sexual content with the talking eggs kissing by sticking their tongues out and licking one another; plus there is a comment about putting a sock on the door when two members of the opposite sex are talking to one another.
  • Mild bad language includes: sharted (with comical farting), butt, screw, mother clucker and what the duck are you doing?

Little Chicken’s Egg-Cellent Adventure Verdict

My 2 youngest sons loved this film and chuckled throughout. In fact it was my 8 year old who enjoyed it so much he described the plot above to me (please forgive him for any slight errors!). I can definitely see this as a film that they will watch again and again and think it has a great Easter feel, plus some important things for children to think about.

Available to own on DVD and Download from 7th March 2016.

Approx running time 94 mins.


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  1. love my breakfast either have baked porridge oats if im being healthy , naughty like today ill enjoy bacon & egg on a breakfast muffin with my coffee got to have a large coffee every morning

  2. I usually have porridge every day and sometimes a crumpet too. I try to make sure I have breakfast to stop me snacking on naughty things through the morning!!!

  3. yes always – mostly I have Weetabix but sometimes I will have porridge for a change! At the weekend I sometimes have scrambled eggs!

  4. Im terrible for breakfast I hardly ever have it….just like my mum. I think thats probably why its never been part of my routine

  5. I have breakfast everyday, what I have depends on if I am working or not. If I’m working it will be something quick like 2 Weetabix, but if I have time I prefer something cooked like pancakes or an omelette.

  6. Yes, we normally just have toast and cereal during the week, but we do lovw pancakes as a treat at the weekend!

  7. I have a cup of tea first thing then i have toast and tea again after the children have gone to school and i have tidied around 🙂

  8. During the week I just have a cup of Earl Grey Tea for breakfast. I am too busy getting ready, tidying up and getting us all out of the house on time.

  9. Every ‘working’ day its cereal, normally mini weetabix, but to spoil myself it is a full English everytime.

  10. I usually eat breakfast on Saturday and Sunday only as I am busy during the weekday mornings. I like to have scrambled egg on toast.

  11. I’m diabetic so I have to eat in the morning but I tend to get up at 6.45am but I am not ready to eat until around 8.30am so I take in cereal or porridge or a couple of boiled eggs to work


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