Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano Experiment

Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano ExperimentI remember my mother being really pleased when my science teacher told her how much I enjoyed the subject one parents evening. I think that this is because she felt proud that she had given me the gift of enjoying a subject that can be more associate with being for boys. Of course this isn’t at all true and why I was keen to review the new Project Mc² Dolls with Experiments. That and the fact that my boys (ages 6 & 8 years) had seen them advertised on the TV and wanted to know which one we were getting and when it was arriving – to me a sure sign that the science hadn’t been “dumbed down” because the product is (primarily) aimed at girls.

About Project Mc² Dolls

Smart is the new cool with Project Mc² – where science meets style and everyone knows it’s cool to be smart! Tween girls are offered a geek chic lifestyle approach fashion doll line by MGA Entertainment, mixed with smart savvy science inspired play. These dolls are the same as the Netflix original series of the same name. There are four main characters each with their own different interests and style, showing the diversity of science.

McKeyla McAlister (Mc2) the undercover spy, Adrienne Attoms (A2) the chemist, Bryden Bandweth (B2) into tech, Camryn Coyle (C2) the mechanically minded one. The four girls attend Maywood Glenn Academy – but are also part of a secret, seriously cool organisation, NOV8 (pronounced ‘Innovate’). Even their friendship makes mathematical sense – based on the Pythagorean theorem that A2 + B2 = C2

About Project Mc² Dolls with Experiments

Each character comes complete with their own individual experiment which can be made at home – with things that you may typically find at home (or easy to get hold of). McKeyla has a lava light, Camryn has a skateboard, Bryden makes a glow stick shine and Adrienne makes a volcano erupt. Each with a recommended retail price of £24.99.Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano Experiment

Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano

This experiment consists of just 5 steps that can be repeated again and again.

  1. Put the volcano on a plate
  2. Add baking soda into the volcano (bicarbonate of soda will also do the same)
  3. Add food colouring (Adrienne suggests pink but you can use any colour. It may be an opportunity to discuss what colour you think it would be coming from a real volcano, and why that might be.
  4. Add vinegar with the pipette (or lemon juice or soda).
  5. Watch the explosion.

Items not included with the kit that will be required:

  • Baking soda
  • Food Colouring
  • Tablespoon (I suggest a teaspoon would work better)
  • Vinegar/Fizzy drink or lemon juice
  • Plate
  • Dish soap (liquid hand wash worked for us)

This kit comes with clear visua & writtenl instructions and safety guidelines, as well as important information about Adrienne’s hair. There is also a free app to download.Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano Experiment

Thoughts on Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano

I think it is a lovely idea to encourage more girls into Science and the doll and packaging were very visually appealing. Adrienne is dressed in the latest fashion and comes with a doll stand, her own outfit, bow belt, pink glasses, a headband, necklace, comb, removable shoes – as well as her own conical flask (with a pink substance inside), pipette and a volcano. Personally I think that it would have been nice if she came with her own googles and lab coat – maybe even googles for the child to wear too.Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano Experiment

The actual experiment itself was very clear and straight forward. However, it if would have been nice if the reaction was explained and/or there was some more information on volcanoes. I know that in year 3 at my son’s school they have recently covered this topic so this doll would be a nice reminder and keep the interest up.

The Mc² Adrienne doll – she looks very beautiful and is very fashionable. Her hair is very life like but I did have trouble getting it out of the box and a lot of her hair fell out. Her hand also came off coming out of the box, but was easy to put back on again. I think it would have been good if she had had her own small pipette too. I would like to see some of the products required included (such as a small amount of baking soda and powder food colouring) and if would better if the volcano was a little bigger.

In conclusion I think that the Mc² Adrienne volcano experiment doll was very good. I think it will encourage tween girls to enjoy science, and continue a love of playing (off-screens). As the experiment can be done again and again I think that it offers great value for money.

You can visit to become an honorary member of NOV8 and ‘ladder up’ through the organisation through a series of fun Ops tests. You can play games, take quizzes, watch videos, learn more about the girls from Project Mc2 and even ask them questions! You can Download the free app, Project Mc2 Case Files, from the App Store to go on missions for NOV8. Collect evidence, analyse the clues and solve the case! Watch exclusive content with AwesomenessTV ( and on Dreamworks TV (

Project Mc² Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano Experiment
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I was sent a free Adrienne Attoms’ Errupting Volcano doll for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. My children would love this, although if I’m honest I’d probably want it for me even if I didn’t have children. I love things like this that produce a fabulous effect! Great to develop the next generation of scientists.x


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