Mark Warner San Lucianu Resort, Corsica – Yoga Retreat Day 3: Letting Go

Day -3: Letting Go

Again I woke with the sun and had the pleasure of listening to the birds singing and the Rooster calling. The yoga day began with a Mindfulness beach walk at 8am. Mindfulness is used for slowing the brain. This helps to filter and to focus. I believe this would be a good practice to help those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Mark Warner San Lucianu Resort, Corsica – Yoga Retreat Day 3: Letting Go

This meditation helped me to concentrate on everything – first my environment and then my self – with helping me to correct my breathing and posture. I felt the difference in my back and shoulders and knew to correct my step because when I slowed right down as I was wobbling. This is particularly important for my plans to run a marathon as over such a long distance that could really adversely affect my body – but even in everyday life walking not having the right posture could be damaging.

This idea of slowing the brain and focusing really helped me just to live in the present. Thing is I was so relaxed and into it I don’t really remember the day to report back to you as I was too busy just enjoying it. I most likely went for a swim in the sea, may have cycled and I am not sure if this is the day I first tried out the SUP (Stand up paddle) Boards – but whatever it is I did I know I was really enjoying myself.

Lean on Me – a Partner Workshop

Doing yoga with a partner allows positions/stretches that would not otherwise be possible. It also unites people with a connection – as a lot of trust and communication is required: This takes the form of not only talking, but body language and good eye contact – I think this would be good for someone with Autism to work on, or couples who want to improve their communication with one another further. Partner Yoga also makes it easier for a positive “can do” attitude – as someone else is relying on you. We ended the session with a hug – being told that if we hug for 20 seconds or more it releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone) – and slowly I began to realise that actually we are quite a tactile family (especially with my son being a Sensory Seeker) and I was really missing the physical closeness of them being near me.

One of the many benefits of the Yoga Retreat being at Mark Warner’s San Lucianu Resort is the fact that I was able to book a massage on site. Given that I booked it on the first night there was even 10% off, as well as advice afterwards on products to use at home. It was better than I expected with just the right amount of pressure – covering almost all of my body (not my belly etc). It was great value and just what I needed.

The San Lucianu Resort offers free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and I have read complaints about it – I have to say that it is not often that I find it provided for free and even in my room on the third floor I was able to FaceTime to keep in touch with my family. I mention it today as this was the first time I got to speak to one of my son’s on his journey back from school.

Yin Yoga

The yoga we had done so far was Yan – masculine, strong, now we moved to the feminine side – passive, slow, patient. This involved holding moves for 3-5 minutes. If I remember correctly this was the one with the hip openers – apparently we hold a lot of emotion in our hips – and I ended up with tears streaming down my face.

I was starting to feel a little homesick especially as Day 4 marked my 13th wedding anniversary.

Disclosure: This was a press trip. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Oh I didn’t know about Yin and Yan yoga, I’ve always called them breathy yoga and stretchy yoga! Thanks for your description of mindfulness, it’s the first time I’ve ever read about how it helps you to concentrate on one thing at a time and I really need that at the moment, I’m struggling to do anything at all because there’s so much going through my head. I’m definitely going to look up some mindfulness exercises.

  2. I am so glad that you had the chance to do this, reading all of the posts, it sounds like a really uplifting and positive experience. I would love to try Yoga, so many people say how positive it is and love the idea of really thinking about focus and balance. Corsica looks beautiful too.


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