Relaxing at The Malvern Spa

Diet and exercise aren’t the only areas of health we need to take care of – rest and recovery are also essential to physical and mental well-being. Relaxation can help reduce illnesses caused by stress, lower anxiety, reduce blood pressure, improve concentration levels and make it easier to sleep/reduce fatigue; as well as making us less tense and better able to handle life’s pressures. After exercising I try to stretch as best as I can as I know how important it is to reduce the tension – but sometimes a helping hand by a trained specialist can really make a difference. Therefore, I do try to regularly fit in a massage. As a Stay-at-Home Mother I can feel really guilty about this whilst my husband is slaving away at work, so it is important to remember why it is important for me to be in the right state of mind. I do find it much easier if I am combining it with something else so it seemed the perfect reason for a Spa Day when I asked Natalie from Plutonium Sox Blog if she would like to meet up. After having my running holiday to Portugal cancelled (as we were flying with Monarch) it seemed the perfect time too. I had heard great things about The Malvern Spa and it being local to us both it made perfect sense to visit there. They very kindly agreed to us both coming for a review too (easing my mom-guilt even further).Malvern Spa

About Malvern Spa

The Malvern offers luxurious spa facilities in a location which draws fresh spring water from the local boreholes that is used for drinking, bathing and signature spa treatments. Offering a great range of different spa packages to suit everybody’s requirements and budgets: This includes day visits, His and Hers experience days and overnight accommodation for one or two nights. The Spa is not for use for those under 18 years old – so you can guarantee a truly relaxing experience. There are lockers provided which work by you putting your own code in (although I did struggle with this a bit), which also have a fluffy robe, flip-flops and a towel in them. Also provided are hair dryers, straighteners and a wet bag for your swimming costume (after you have spun dry it in the machine).Malvern Spring Water

Spa Treatments at Malvern

The Malvern Spa has a variety of beautiful treatment rooms to suit individual needs and treatments – whether that is because you need access to a shower, or for a couple’s massage. Qualified and experienced therapists, using exclusive product ranges including ESPA, Elemis and Jessica Nails, offer a variety of treatments including massages, facials, HD Brows & make up, manicures, pedicures, caci, holistic, and treatments for men.treatment rooms malvern spa

We had a Relax Spa Day plus a 30 minute treatment – with both myself and Natalie opting for the Hot Stones Massage. I did expect that this would involve just placing loads of hot stones on my back but it really isn’t like this. My therapist checked that the temperature and pressure was right for me too. It was nice to try something different and I think the heat did wonders for my problem area but do feel that the 30 minutes just flew by! The bed I lay in was gorgeous itself and heated – I could have quite easily have stayed there. I was delighted to discover that they had a proper relaxation room where you can nap! It was all dark with beds and blankets, with a water feature. People tend to nap for over an hour in there – this is my kind of place and I do regularly nap (usually to Yoga Nidra) and think it is SO important. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this either but just had a gentle relax in there before heading off for lunch.relax malvern spa

Malvern Spa Hydrotherapy Pool

All packages include complimentary use of the 35 degree 20 meter hydrotherapy pool filled with Malvern Spring Water. The pool flows from indoors to out and features vigorous bubble massage stations, powerful water jets, gentle hydrotherapy beds, and spacious relaxing booths – designed to work on different areas of the body dependent on your needs. These are absolutely amazing – and I did wonder if I actually would need massage after using them as they really hit the spot (well almost I couldn’t quite get my problem shoulder). The hydrotherapy pool is surrounded by plenty of chairs to relax on, clocks to not lose track of the time, and Malvern Springs water to keep hydrated.Malvern Spa Hydrotherapy Pool

Malvern Spa Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite at Malvern Spa is absolutely amazing and I would recommend a visit for this alone! With a Spa Host on hand to answer any questions or give advice on what is best to use when. Natalie thought we should start with making an Instagram Story of the Bucket (Drench) Shower. Although ideally this would have been better after coming out of the Sauna perhaps! There is the choice of a Kelo Sauna (only one of 10 in the UK) which is constructed from naturally fragrant wood found only in the Arctic Circle or the Herb Sauna – with seasonal herbs and natural essential oils gently steamed to cleanse the body and mind. This also has a higher humidity than a regular sauna, making the heat less harsh and it easier to relax for longer.Malvern Spa Thermal Suite Other options include the Crystal Steam Room with a fibre-optic ceiling display and infused essential oils; the Salt Grotto with heated tile seats and a natural source of salt microns having a restorative effect on the respiratory system, skin and ionic balance of the body for a complete feeling of well-being (and wonderful colour changing lighting); a Foot Spa – with tiled seating and individual foot baths that you can fill for your own preferences and a self-administered Ice Fountain – an amazing feeling as you scoop up handfuls of crushed ice and rub onto the skin, stimulating circulation, closing the pores and really helping you to cool right back down again. There were also a variety of showers: A normal one, one for your feet and amazing sensation shower – with two options either Cold Fog or Tropical Rain, each with their different temperatures and senses.

Fitness at Malvern Spa

Also included is use of the fitness facilities, in the 50 station state-of-the art gym, plus the exercise studio with up to 6 classes per day. At Malvern Spa there are over 40 classes per week including Pilates, yoga, body balance, body pump, power hoop and HIIT. Unfortunately we did not have time to make use of this on our visit so I think it would definitely be worth getting a membership or having an overnight stay. Our Spa Host Fiona explained as she showed us around at the beginning of the day who we needed to speak if we needed assistance in this area, and what they would be wearing (really useful if you are forgetful with names like myself). There were definitely plenty of machines available in a nice light and spacious at malvern spa

Food and Drink at Malvern Spa

There are several designated areas for food and drink around the Spa and drinks can even be taken poolside. There is a nice range of hot and cold drinks available, including alcoholic. We selected our lunch and booked a time on arrival. I liked that the menu even had symbols to show which the healthier options were. I opted for Polenta Cake with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, tomato sauce and pesto. It was very nice but it was my first time trying polenta cake and the meal was a bit dry for my liking, as I ran out of the sauce.polenta cake

Overall we had a fantastic experience for the whole day. The only thing that happened was that our food was a bit slow to arrive but this was soon rectified and many apologies. I think sometimes it is good for things to go wrong to see just how good the customer service is. This I can safely say is high standard as the rest of this luxurious experience. We were offered complimentary prosecco and another hot drink to go with our scones. The Malvern Spa has memberships available, and despite the half an hour drive, I am seriously considering it.


The Malvern Spa Hotel

Grovewood Rd, Malvern WR14 1GD

Phone01684 898290


Natalie and I were invited to The Malvern Spa for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own. You can read Natalie’s review here over on Plutonium Sox Blog

15 thoughts on “Relaxing at The Malvern Spa”

  1. What a wonderful review of a fabulous day. I’m still feeling relaxed now, it was just what I needed. I agree with you about the customer service as well. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how they deal with it that is important.

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a fab time. I really need to make some time for myself, will have to find a local spa and book myself in

  3. I so agree with you. But many of us, myself included tend to neglect that area of our life. Perhaps, it’s because it’s considered a luxury? I used to go to spas and have regular massages when I was working and single and had all the money to spend on self-pamper. Sadly those days are over! But hey, who knows, they might just come back 😉

  4. I couldn’t agree more, rest and relaxation is so important to me. If I get burnt out everyone feels the strain. This spa looks absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t want to leave.

  5. I’m not sure you’d ever get me out. I’ve been wanting to take a spa trip for ages now, this place looks amazing.

  6. I feel exactly the same Joy. I am a SAHM (well work in a preschool a couple of days a week) so feel I don’;t deserve a treat like a massage of a facial, but you are so right. Running a home and ferrying the kids to various appointments is a job in itself and we deserve to look after ourselves too

  7. I hadn’t heard of Malvern Spa. It sounds like a fantastic place to relax, with lots of different things to try out. I think I’ll add this to my list of places to try.

  8. Ahhh I LOVE Malvern Spa. Went as a birthday treat a few years ago and it was such a lovely day. I had some kind of scrub massage thing and man was it intense! I thought my leg was going to catch fire at one point it was being scrubbed so hard but great results – I just wasn’t prepared for it! Ha ha. The pool is amazing, isn’t it? Ahhh, I need to go back.


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