Decorating Your Room – Things to Consider

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Decorating your room sounds so easy but when it really comes down to it there is a lot to consider. From the planning, whether you need outside help, to get carpets or not and finally the décor and the detail.

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Things to Plan when Decorating a Room

When decorating a room you really need to plan it first. Think about all the things you will need and any practicalities. For example can you clear some, or all, things out of the room whilst it is stripped or painted? Do you need to completely empty the room to fit the carpets or other flooring? How will this fit with the rest of the building? Think carefully about the colours – do the walls, floors and décor all go together okay? What is your budget – can you afford/want/need to replace all or just some things? Think about the reason you are decorating – if it is to sell then think about what are popular choices rather than your own tastes.

Outside Help

It may be that to decorate your room you may need to call on outside help. Whether that is a qualified electrician to move wires/add sockets or a fan for example in the kitchen or bathroom, a plasterer to re-skim the ceiling and walls, a painter and decorator, or a carpet fitter for instance. You may wish to do as much as you can yourself or you may just prefer to pay someone else – again this will be reliant on your budget. If you do have someone in then you need to know where to look for someone who is good and reliable. Ask around and get recommendations.

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The Flooring

When it comes to decorating your room the flooring is going to be important depending on where in the house it is and what the room is used for. You need to think about whether you need it to be soft, warm and comfortable underfoot like carpet, or easy to clean like laminate, or something more waterproof like tiles or vinyl. You need to think about whether you need underlay – for warmth and sound-proofing; what colour it is and the quality – as well as of course your budget!

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Don’t forget to consider how easy it is to keep clean – especially in areas where there may be dogs and/or children – as light coloured carpets wouldn’t be ideal! As well as colour, when it comes to carpets there’s also of variable heights to consider – extra deep pile may be harder to vacuum especially if there is a lot of pet hair to get up. Or you may want to buy one with stain guard on it and a guarantee. Then if you want plain or patterned – with the latter being less likely to show up any bits.

The Décor and Detail

You can really change the feel of a room by just changing the décor and making small changes to the detail. This could be as big as a complete overhaul with new everything including furniture, or it could be subtle differences such as lighting, rugs, throws, a new bedspread, mat, curtains, ornaments, pictures, and so on. Think about what the room’s purpose is and how you can best achieve this. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this.

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Can you think of anything else to consider when decorating a room?

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