The Tenth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about the tenth week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. I had devised a Jeffing Half Marathon Plan for myself and my teen. For me the aim was to get sub 2 hours, and the teen was to complete his first one.

Jeffing Training Plan out of The Window

As you may have noticed our sub 2 hour jeffing training plan has well and truly gone out of the window! There’s absolutely no chance now but I am hoping that I can still get to a point where I am able to get the teen jeffing around his first half marathon.

I’d like to say that I didn’t run at all this week because I was trying to rest. There may be an element of truth in that, but honestly there was so much to do to help the eldest move house that I most likely didn’t have the time or energy. Saturday was actually the day he moved which was the reason for missing Parkrun.

woman sat in a car with lots of boxes behind her for moving house

What Training we Did do

Monday saw me manage to walk four miles in order to meet a friend who is moving away. It was two there and two back. Both teens came with me.

Tuesday I was again helping our eldest, but the older teen also needed to have his brace off. This meant we ended up doing a bit of walking to go for breakfast at McDonalds afterwards. Friday we also had to go back for his retainers.

The pain in my hip/side was so bad though that I resorted to putting loads of tubs of ice into a cold bath. Cold water therapy was the only thing I could think that had been different and maybe it could help heal me. However, the air temperature was too warm and the lowest I could get it was 22 degrees!

bath with blocks of ice for cold water therapy

Wednesday I walked with the younger teen to his swimming lesson and back. This is probably only about another mile.

The Older Teen’s Training

You will know from week 9 of our training that the older teen had just had a birthday, where he actually became an adult too! To say I am gutted that my injury has put a stop to his running is putting it mildly, but he’s at an age when I just have to let him do his own thing. He was doing so well with training with me too.

Week 10 also saw him having his first covid-19 vaccination though, so of course I wasn’t expecting him to do too much.

Week 11

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  1. What a shame your training had to stop, but it sounds like the pain was awful. I hope you feel better soon.
    I also hope your son is able to start training again soon, but I totally know what you mean! They do what they want, when they want and they have to face the consequences of their own decisions, as my own son found out at the weekend. x


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