Breastfeeding Breaking The Rules

“Have you ever had to think “outside the box” when it comes to breastfeeding? Do you think there are certain breastfeeding “rules” that are meant to be broken? Do you fit in the typical nursing mom mold? Share your thoughts here!”

I guess I do break the rules. I’m not exactly sure what the rules are though to be honest.

Eating properly. Erm I don’t tend to make time for myself – it’s probably one of my biggest downfalls. I always make sure I have breakfast though. When considering whether I ate properly “enough” to feed my baby I decided that it worked in third world countries ok. Now I know it hasn’t harmed my boys.

Listening to the professionals. Just because someone works in a medical capacity does not mean they know everything about health. Listening to what feels natural and what my children want is more like the rule I’d follow (and a bit of reading around). I was told my baby didn’t put on “enough” weight because I didn’t produce enough milk – then when there was clearly enough pumped off I was told it was the quality of my milk. Turned out my son had a nasty infection.

Don’t drink alcohol. Are you kidding me? I mean I do not feed them whilst I’m drinking but not drinking at all – and self-weaning just does not mix!

When to stop. I guess most people have long stopped feeding their children by now (most of those even at the breastfeeding support group stopped by around 13 months old). I just know I read lots and just decided that self-weaning was right for us.

I’m sure there’s many more but as I haven’t cared for them then I’m not sure what they are.