Earth Day

What better way to teach children about the World around them and how to preserve and protect it than by joining in with Earth Day (Sunday April 22nd 2012).

The first picture below, is of a tree in our backgarden. You cannot really tell from this picture but the tree has died. But it doesn’t mean it is useless because as you can see life still goes on because of it – leaves grow around it and it provides a home for many other forms of life.

The second picture is of the woodlice who feed off our waste – showing just because we no longer want it does not mean it has no use any more. This is the inside of our compost bin – a very exciting place and it will be much easier to find woodlice when we come to chamber experiments.


You may remember that whilst teaching my son the alphabet we planted some carrots – this is how they are getting on.

Then we decided to reuse some old plastic food pots that we had washed up to collect some painting instruments (my 4 year old giggled every time I called them this). I told them which leaves were okay to pick from our backgarden (“weeds”) and which weren’t. Dandelions proved the most popular as the heads made nice circles and the stems enable good straight lines. We used red, blue, green and yellow paint and had fun mixing the colours to see what happened. Even my 8 year old joined in and painted a traffic light.

You can pledge your act of Green here.

Ideas may include:

Ladies why not cut down on waste and save yourself some money and less hassle by buying a Mooncup – read about my experiences here.

Why not try and recycle more by having recycling bins around your house and reduce the size of your landfill bin so you don’t use it as much.

Start composting.

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