Is it Time we thought differently about Breastfeeding?

Contrary to popular belief but women don’t continue to breastfeed in order to avoid having sex. In fact you may be surprised to know that people are breastfeeding whilst pregnant!?! I know how does that happen when breastfeeding helps provide a natural contraception and women are apparently avoiding sex!!

So then I heard about this sexy looking blonde woman breastfeeding it came as quiet a shock, I mean only dowdy old saggy women breastfeed right? especially when it turned out she was breastfeeding a child who could walk, talk and express an interest in McDonalds say but no mummy my friends think this is weird.

No really the point is that Time Magazine have this woman feeding her child standing on a chair – my 3 yr old breastfeeder is more likely to use a chair to get sweets out the cupboard. It really just makes more of an issue out of breastfeeding and people’s choices than ever.

The title is obviously an attempt to increase the negativity as why else pick “Are you Mom enough” as if you don’t breastfeed toddlers on chairs you are not. The woman doesn’t look happy about the situation either.

How does this picture make you feel? Do you think it has achieved what it set out to do? Has it made “extended breastfeeding” more, or even less, of an issue?

My breastfeeding experiences
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