N is for Newspaper

Numbers have been a big feature in this house currently and I did cover numbers when making our owl bags  by making and filling them with number biscuits. I did see an idea (here) where you could introduce how much it would cost to make the biscuits – and then consider whether this cost more or less than the supermarket. It could also then be discussed about which would be healthier. I thought that I might do this at a later date.


Instead I decided that I would mention that very important craft tool



Of course it can be used to protect surfaces from paint, pen, glitter, glue – but it’s also fun to rip up!!!


Then we glued some to a letter N


Then of course there’s nothing like a bit of papier-mache

You can make bowls


Or well anything really


and there’s nothing more fun than a newspaper fight


Great for rainy days.