Week 2 #365

storytosleepMonday 7th Jan – back to school (playgroup) – I was so busy keeping him busy that I forgot to take him to the dentist. He couldn’t keep his eyes open for his story and managed to sleep a whole 45 minutes.

dinosaurplayTuesday 8th – Nothing like dinosaur play to help develop the concept of big and small.

holdinghandsWednesday 9th – if I’m honest I was struggling and felt depressed. Youngest was having a “bad” week, I think the routine of going back to school, and we ended up having a daytime nap. So I thought we ought to walk the school run if I had any chance of him sleeping at all.


Thursday 10th – I have better photos for this day but this really marks a breakthrough. Here he is moving bread to soup, spooning soup over the bread and then he ATE the bread WITH  soup on it!!!


Friday 11th –   he has also just started drinking from a glass with a straw (not a baby cup). The week has been very much about him. I’ve been asked if he’s had a blood test for Fragile X and have an appointment with the Ed Psych on Monday. He has also started to use my toilet (I have since hidden the potty).


Saturday 12th – And they you have it my belly lol. To finish the week based on my youngest – who is enjoying blowing raspberries on me.

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