Motivating the Kids

This week I am thinking about how to Motivate the Children.

My oldest has his GCSEs this year and all we hear is how his friends don’t have to revise lol. We tend to motivate with rewards.


Whether that is with stickers


We like to give them praise (yay well done you got it to forwards – yaaay!)boysonbikes

You are doing so well I think we can take those stabilizers

Or quality time, or going to a place they want to.park

But when we took our 9 year old to a Cubs Gala (for 8-10 year olds) we heard a very different approach to motivating a child

“Tabitha, you can do better than that!” shouted this woman as her daughter swam, “push, push, push,” she yelled, “stretch those arms!”

How do you motivate your children?