#S2S2D Emma goes to the Ballet & Opera

In case you were not aware Emma Day, who blogs over at Crazywithtwins, had to have internal radiotherapy – read my original post here. Luckily it came out of her body quicker than she thought and is able to hug her family again.

Today I am hosting the Shoulder to Shoulder To Day Bloghop – please link up posts for Emma – to cheer her up, or to tell your story.

We would like to find a Sponsor to buy an iPad for the iodine room at the Cheltenham General Hospital – please get in touch if you can help.

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Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

When I was 20 my Mom died.

She had breast cancer and she had to have her whole breast removed (mastectomy). She just happened to feel it in the shower one day.
I was 17 when she discovered it.
And when I was giving birth to my first born my mother couldn’t be there for me. She was too ill from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Then I got a cold whilst in hospital, so I couldn’t go home as it would put her at risk.
Mom was a fighter. All through her illness she just kept on giving. She was such a wonderful, kind woman and will always be remembered as an amazing woman.
But then she worried she had cervical cancer, she kept on bleeding.
It turned out to be a polyp which she had removed.
The operation went wrong and they perforated her bowel – a routine, minor operation.

To cut a long story short she had cancer on her liver, and was so very ill that I decided it best to turn off her life support machine.

Immediately after this I received a call from my nurse.

Luckily I had had a smear because I had had a baby – I had abnormal cells.
I ignored it.
I moved away.

Three years passed.

I finally went back to have someone look at my cells.

I was so dam lucky, they were able to treat it!

Then I started to bleed down below.
There was talk of it being a Polyp.
I was terrified.

Removing a polyp in my mind is the reason my mother had died.
But what if it was cancer.
I had 2 small children – I couldn’t leave it.

The hospital were really good and knocked me out (I also have a needle phobia) with a mask and let me go in first.

It was all fine.

My friend wasn’t so lucky. She ignored the lumps on her arms – by the time she went to the doctors it was too late!

So PLEASE make sure you get any lumps checked out.

On a more cheery note.
I read about Emma’s 30 at 30 list over on

The first 2 are:

1) Watch a famous ballet
2) Go to an opera

So I contacted the very lovely Beckie over at
The Roses Theatre and she has very kindly sent Emma
TWO FREE TICKETS TO ALBERT HERRING – For Saturday 28th September

THANK YOU so much


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