How to Change your Twitter Background

You can really make your Twitter your own by making a few changes. Here is just a quick tutorial on how to change your background. Mainly because someone asked me how and it’s pretty hard to explain in 140 characters. I thought if I put it here then it may help others too.

I’m not sure if you can do it on your smart phone, but this is showing you how to on a laptop/mac/pc. This is how it happens on mine anyway.

You need to click on the little “cog icon” – you see the one top right, which in this example has a drop down menu with my name at the top (clicking will being down this menu).

If you then click on SETTINGS then a menu on the left will appear.

Click on DESIGN then you will see some pre-made themes appear.

If you keep scrolling down you will see that it says CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN 

Click on change background.

There are some other settings to play with there too.

Don’t forget to click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom.

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