Shloer Celebration


Shloer very kindly invited me and a few fellow bloggers to a lovely afternoon of drinking. There were bottles everywhere with extra sparkle, lots of bubbles and popping corks; served in a celebratory-style bottle in two delicious flavours Shloer Celebration White Bubbly and Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz.


They kindly invited some lovely ladies over from The Makery to help us make these gorgeous Christmas craft cushions, whilst we also blind tasted some other flavours and told them what we thought. We even got to taste next Christmas’ top-secret limited edition flavour!


Shloer don’t drink and drive this festive season

Now in case you were worried about how we all got home, and that we shouldn’t drink and drive (or as my children say drink and then drive) then you need not worry. I think the style of the bottle, the popping, and the atmosphere really created a placebo effect because they were in fact alcohol-free! Perfect for  Christmas and New Year when people like to drink but cannot have alcohol because they may be driving, pregnant, breastfeeding (although I am not suggesting that you cannot drink at all when doing so), allergic, have children to look after, are on antibiotics, or for any number of reasons that they cannot drink.


Mammasaurus shows us that you don’t need to drink alcohol to have a good time

About Shloer

Shloers flavours contain no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings, using only the finest ingredients. The two new flavours join the existing nine: White Grape, Red Grape, Rose, Apple and White Grape, White Grape, Raspberry and Cranberry, White Grape & Elderflower, Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch limited edition.

The Benefits of drinking Shloer

Of course when you drink non-alcoholic drinks you do not have to worry about how much you are drinking (how it may affect your behaviour or body – including the next day).  But being a responsible way to drink is not the only benefit, no the price is also an asset with a 75cl bottle retailing at around £2.99 a bottle (RRP). AND you can even find it on offer too!!!

Of course because it is a sparkling juice drink anyone can drink it at any time (please check the ingredients if you have any allergies, I mean age/children, by anyone). This is great especially maybe at a special meal (Christmas dinner) or at New Year, for the child that wants to feel a little more grown up.

The lovely people at Shloer are a generous and kind bunch, who let us go away with a great goody bag that contained a bottle of Shloer.


Not only that but they also agreed for me to give you the chance to win a FREE bottle of Shloer Celebration White Bubbly or Pink Fizz for you to try yourself!

Please tell me what you like most about Shloer (or the sound of if you have never tried it), plus if you could have any flavour (whether they make it or not) what flavour would it be?

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I was invited to a Shloer Crafty afternoon for which I was given plenty of lovely Shloer to drink, was well fed, had a free craft session, goody bag and expenses were paid. All thoughts and opinions are my own.