Big Benefit Row – A Rant

You know those books that you mean to get around to reading, but never do, yeah that. You see there’s a theory about a Selfish Gene and how we all need to fight for survival of the fittest. That is the only explanation I can see to all these “benefits” stuff. People who are not (or at least do not see themselves) as claiming benefits feeling like they have some good cause to put down those who are. No sympathy, no understanding just “get a job!” statements.

benefits row

I really do not understand why they feel the need to further lower the self-esteem of some of society’s vulnerable members. There should not be any shame in claiming benefits if you need them (read my post on why I think you should claim DLA for your own children). We should not forget that bad things can happen to anyone! People have disabled children, people become disabled through accidents, people can become mentally ill (possibly due to bereavement, abuse or it just happens) – are we expected just to let them suffer? Those with big families who become unable to provide for them anymore (perhaps a company went into liquidation) – is it tough they should have thought of that before having children?

The Governments suggestion seems to be to put children in school (from 2 years old!) all day (until 6pm and with shorter holidays) – is this really going to solve things? Is it just people with children using childcare as an “excuse” not to work who are on benefits? I mean it would certainly mean there were more jobs if we needed more teachers. And would it be easy to be able to get these jobs? I’ve heard so many nasty comments about the way people talk, dress, and look that mean that people do not feel that they should have the jobs – so how are they supposed to win?  Have you ever tried buying new clothes without any money? Of course there would be disapproval if they then went and stole the clothes – but could it not be understood why they may feel that this is the only option?

What about their education, especially if it were very basic. The benefit system makes it rather difficult to better yourself. I think that those who are trying to make their lives better, or are working deserve things to be fairer, this does need addressing. You should never have more money on benefits than you do working. There needs to be changes in helping those who want to help themselves, not making the most vulnerable even more so. I like this idea of a basic income by Jax – go see what you think.

And do not even get me started on why they start bringing immigration into the debate, again I feel it is just to further entice hatred – when did the human race lose so much compassion? I think the television companies should show a broader range of people on benefits – and am sure they would pull in a bigger audience because I am sure there is understanding in our hearts. We do care about the honest people affected by cuts to disability benefits, bedroom tax and the like.

And as for Katie Hopkins – if she actually stood by what she said I would have more respect for her, but to say, “well you chose to have kids” when she did not have to claim child benefit and did says it all for me. She only “gave it back” when she was made to for earning above the threshold!

As a country we have the opportunity to make sure we are all healthy, fed and warm. Some places do not have this luxury, let’s support one another instead of turning on each other.

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