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This week we received a copy of our youngest son’s School Sensory Profile. For the first time in writing he officially had Sensory Processing problems.  It detailed which areas and at what classification compared to his peers. He scored definite difference (meaning that his sensory processing difficulties were much more than others) in many areas. There was also a breakdown of how he is affected at school and ways to help. This report did not make me sad at all; I know my son has difficulties and is developmentally behind his peers. But I tell you what my son is – he is HAPPY. Just take a look at that expression on his face.


You know this photo was taken last Monday. It was a confusing time for him as he was going back to school after half term. A week from his normal routine, which also included a holiday and a birthday. Not only that he had been told that he would have to leave school to visit the doctor, and did not understand why because he was not ill. Despite all this confusion he remained Happy. He just stuck a pair of pants on his head and a sock on his arm to help him cope.

You know next time I feel sad I might just see if sticking a pair of pants on my head and a sock on my arm helps!

Every morning he bounces out of bed, so full of life, energy and happiness. He comes in and gives the biggest cuddle and then starts quoting The Lego Movie, “morning apartment.”Life can be so muddled and so confusing for him, and yes he gets upset (too easily at times), but no matter what life has already thrown at him he is so happy.

Other sources of inspiration that help me focus on how Happiness can really help in my life are from Tiredmummyoftwo and her family. If you are lucky enough to go to Britmums Live you will see that Laura is one of the Keynote Speakers.  They  really made me stop and question my own lack of happiness. I hold on to too much anger and I need to let it go. I have started to #EmbraceHappy (thank you Karin Joyce) and just focus on the good in life. I hear that Jayne is setting up a self-confidence challenge too, loving yourself is the most important step to happiness.


Which reminds me of why I tried the 30 day ab challenge. After crying the first day at being unable to do even one sit up I have decided not to accept defeat but just to regularly exercise and build up to it. Maybe I will do the 30 day challenge on a different 30 days.

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