Lego City Arctic Photography

Lego City Arctic Photography

Lego City Arctic PhotographyI am really learning lots by myself just taking photographs of Lego. I was quite sad for my son this morning as we had a tiny bit of snow and he really wanted to play with his Lego City Arctic builds but had to go to school. I knew it would have all melted by the time he got home so promised to take some pictures for him.

Now before you think I am mean having all the fun then let me tell you that my hands got really cold. Actually who I am I kidding I had lots of fun and felt empowered that I figured stuff out for myself.

  1. Lego City Arctic PhotographyLego City Arctic PhotographyUsing real snow makes great pictures and is much easier than fake stuff.
  2. If I do not like what is in my shot then I can use a background.
  3. I can half press my camera button to focus on my object (Lego) but then completely move the camera so that it is in a different position in the frame before taking the photo (if I don’t do this then the object isn’t focussed and goes all blurry).
  4. Lego City Arctic PhotographyLego City Arctic PhotographyRemembering to use different angles and locations.
  5. To think outside the box.
  6. That I can make videos from photos and then edit them. What that means is it is difficult to split a video when it is just videos, but by saving it as a video then I can. Does that make sense?

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