LEGO Ninjago New Series 2015 *Spoilers*

LEGO Ninjago 2015Yesterday we watched LEGO Nnjago, Masters of Spinjitzu, the new series 2015 (episodes 1, 2 & 3) before their launch on Cartoon Network at 6pm on Tuesday 10th February. Here is my 7 year old’s account of things so please do excuse any errors in terms or spellings, or indeed of the account – it was a very exciting day:

So the end of the last episode the rest of the Ninjas thought that Zane was dead. But in the LEGO Ninjago magazine it suggested that they thought that he was alive. This may have been a clue to what was coming next. The Green Ninja (Lloyd) went around to each Ninja to get the team back together. They met up in Chen’s restaurant and were discussing Zane and the team, and whether to have a new member, when there was suddenly a commotion. Cole is the one that comes to the rescue (because he doesn’t want them touching his food). The Team chase them out of the restaurant to find a poster claiming that Zane is alive. They are further told in their fortune cookies that if they want to see Zane alive they must come to the Tournament of Elements. Lloyd’s dad (Sensei Garmadon) is concerned when asked if others have elemental powers, and when he see that Chen is involved he follows – saying he is looking after his interests. They then go to Chen Island.

Master Chen told them all about the how the Tournament of Elements work. That they would all fight in twos and that there’d be only one winner. That no two battles would be the same. Everyone is then shown to their rooms. When the first battle occurs Kai only just wins at the last minute, and the loser disappears as the floor disappears.

Kai has an amazing room with a really soft bed. Cole is moaning that his bed is hard and lying on it when he discovers a secret passage. The team go down the secret passage and discover that the girl next door to Kai also has an elemental power of fire. But more sinisterly they discover that Chen is extracting all the losers’ powers. Neuro, Master of Mind, sees that Chen is trying to make a spell. We see that Zane is alive and he grinds his way out of the chains and finds Pixel is in pieces and puts her data into his processor. But he doesn’t get away quick enough and is trapped again. Cole and Jay later have to fight. Cole was still angry over Nya but eventually lets Jay win.