BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine

BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine

BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine Review

BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine is based on the CBeebies show – which sees a monster family called the Furchester-Fuzz use problem solving to figure out the solutions to problems that the guests of The Furchester Hotel have. The magazine is aimed at children aged 3-6 years (core age 4) featuring favourite characters such as Elmo, Phoebe, Funella, The Cookie Monster, Furgus and Isabel. It is a bumper filled and supports the Early Years Curriculum.

About BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine

BBC The Furchester Hotel MagazineBBC The Furchester Hotel magazine has a great number of activities for developing fine motor skills – such as adding stickers (which are clearly labelled which pages they are meant for); drawing pictures, colouring in and following lines (writing over to form letters, to find the end of a maze, etc). It also has develops children’s observation skills, knowledge of naming colours, counting, thinking and listening skills, problem solving, comprehension skills (listen to the story and decide the answer to the questions from a choice of two options), and not to mention plenty to talk about (great for social interaction).

BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine
Issue 1 of BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine is available now; priced at only £2.75 it is great value for money, as it is not only packed with great entertainment & learning activities, 2 brilliant stories, 60 monster stickers, a monster mask to make and Make your own Portraits – but it also contains a Kids Go Free Voucher for the SEA LIFE centres.* Issue 2 Is available from the 26th August and will contain a FREE holiday play set, Elmo’s activity book, Cookie Monster cookie recipe, lots of fun stickers, Make & play Furchester hotel – PLUS colouring, puzzles & stories.

Verdict of BBC The Furchester Hotel magazine

BBC The Furchester Hotel Magazine My youngest son is 6 years old (but has a global developmental delay and Sensory Processing Disorder). I liked how easily he got on with this magazine, and the clues and hints which made it so easy for him to work out the answers. I think that the BBC The Furchester Hotel magazine gave him a real boost to his confidence. It was a good way to encourage him to continue using skills he has developed whilst at school (such as pencil control, reading, counting, observation skills) – as the school holidays are a long time to have a break from them. Everything is designed into small sections – so you can spend as little or as long on the magazine as the child’s attention span is, without having to stop in the middle of something. BBC The Furchester Hotel magazine was also appealing to my very bright 7 year old – who enjoyed it on its own, and interacting with his younger brother with it.

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I received a free copy of The Furchester Hotel Magazine in advance of its publication in order to provide and honest review. All words and opinions are my own.