LEGO Eco-Friendly House

LEGO Eco-Friendly House

LEGO Eco-Friendly House
When the boys were asked to create a #OceanDreamHome from LEGO as part of a competition I knew it was the perfect time to discuss about how houses can be made Eco-friendly. I am sure you will agree that their house is the winning entry because a dream home does not have to have a garage for flash cars and the like – but can be designed to be a dream to the planet. The boys were sent a box of bricks for the challenge and were told that they could also add their own. We felt it would be fairer just to use the bricks provided.

Thinking about Eco-friendly houses

LEGO Eco-Friendly HouseFirst we got together and we discussed why it is important that houses are Eco-friendly, and why we need to take care of the planet. We recalled our trip to The Eden Project last year and what we learned there too. As well as considering the new Eco-friendly service station in Gloucester. Finally I got the boys to think about our house and what we do to be Eco-friendly. As it is normal life to them they don’t consider these things (such as compost/recycling bins).

Thinking about building an Eco-friendly LEGO House

LEGO Eco-Friendly HouseNext we listed all the things that may be possible to build an Eco-friendly LEGO house. The boys decided on having large windows – to allow in plenty of natural light, double glazing with some see-through bricks, grass on the roof (a perfect natural insulation, as well as being very efficient at absorbing rain water. Also a great sound barrier as well as being perfect for wildlife), a log burner, plus compost and recycling bins.

LEGO Eco-Friendly HouseThen they *upcycled* the leftover pieces to make a table and chairs.

Using extra materials to make the LEGO House even more Eco-Friendly

LEGO Eco-Friendly HouseWe then considered using extra materials to make our LEGO House even more eco-friendly. The boys may well come back in the future and rebuild with these extra materials. Ideas included making double glazing, to keep the cold out and the heat in, by using cling film; straws for a more effective pipe to collect the water; making Solar Panels with foil; putting in carpet to insulate the floor; making a draught excluder for the front door, and insulation the walls and roof with bubble wrap.

About the Competition

We received a free tub of LEGO to compete in the Ocean competition which is open to 60 bloggers with children ages 3-12 years old – with a chance to win a £150 ToysRUs Voucher. All words and inspiration is purely that of me and my boys. No other financial compensation has been given.

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  1. such a great opportunity to have a conversation about WHY eco houses can help the envirnoment. Well done you for using this is such a great way.


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