LEGO Pirate Party

Holding a LEGO Pirate Party needn’t be a complicated affair, here’s how we did it with the thanks* to Gloucestershire based company Fabulous Partyware (see links to individual products).

LEGO Pirate Party

Making a LEGO Party Table

The first most obvious thing to me was to make the table look just like a LEGO brick. This is very simple and effectively achieved by simply having a tablecloth (in this case iconic LEGO yellow) and matching paper plates – spaced out just like a brick. I would have preferred a reusable tablecloth but as it was it meant that it was easy to dispose of and I did not need to worry about any mess the children made. Our table has spaces for 8 people set out like this, but the effect can be made just the small utilising smaller tables.

Getting the Children involved in the LEGO Pirate Party

LEGO Pirate party cakesThe children helped before the party by designing LEGO plates and a Pirate picture frame (image found from the internet by the children, used for illustrative purposes only). They then looked for ideas that they could utilise (see my LEGO and Pirates Pinterest boards). Then they made and decorated Pirate cakes, LEGO Pizzas (by cutting into squares and adding pepperoni), LEGO marshmallows (using strawberry icing to stick on some strawberry laces cut into cubes) and LEGO brick juice cartons (simply wrap the carton in paper and stick on some LEGO circles).

Pirate Fabulous Partyware

Fabulous Partyware have a range of fantastic party ware. We used the Pirate cups as an alternative to using bowls to place our snacks in. We had a nice range of things such as cucumber, melon, grapes, mixed fruit and nuts, and cherries. I am sure that party sausages, sweets, crisps and the like would fit in them equally as well but we were having a bit of a healthy balance with the pizza and marshmallow bricks. You could of course just use them for drinks!

LEGO Pirate party snack pots or drinks cups

The boys also loved the Pirate Party hats and Pirate helium balloons (no helium provided) and multi-coloured balloons.

Why not have an impromptu party of your own (ours was just to make the Summer holidays more fun), or celebrate a birthday even!

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For a chance to win follow the Rafflecopter below and tell me, in no less than 10 words:

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Other merchandise available from Fabulous Partyware for a LEGO Pirate

Pirate invitesPirate NapkinsPirate GarlandsPirate BuntingPirate PlatesPirate BubblesPirate Goodie BagsPirate Thank You Cards.

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* I was sent a free tablecloth, plates, balloons, hats, cake making, and cups in order to have a LEGO Pirate party. All words and opinions are my own.