Self Improvement

I did not wish to wait until the New Year to start being healthier and regular readers will know that I have already being making changes in my lifestyle choices.Besides New Year’s Resolutions are usually broken. What I have done is slowly change my habits – hoping to not only improve my own health but to provide a good role model for my kids. It seems to be paying off as now my children drink water as opposed to squash with their meals and throughout the day. I never say never and so they are still treated to fizzy drinks when we are out. It is not just about my body though, and have to admit that mentally things have been rather challenging; I just have to remember all the good things that I have, and the good in me, and keep going.

Things I have done to improve my health

First of all this is about realism – I may drink broccoli, flax, cucumber, celery, apple and spinach for breakfast but then I also may stuff my face with a box of Jaffa cakes. . Those of you who follow my Instagram will be more up to date to know that I am running more often. I have also decided not to drink alcohol and have managed to go all through December without a drop to drink (alcohol wise obviously). I decided that I don’t really need it and it will not do my weight any good. Both my husband and I have decided to try to eliminate caffeine and so have made the move to decaf teabags (I also have some fruit ones).improving lifestyle decaf I am trying to keep up my water intake and use my Nutribullet to drink more juices (especially when I am tired). Trying to get more earlier nights. I have changed how I look at food – no longer seeing cereal as my best or only option. And snacking I now have dried fruit as a naughty option – which I am assuming is better than crisps, chocolate and pastries (but as said I still occasionally have these). I clean my teeth earlier – which means I don’t get too tired to do a proper job and makes me less likely to want to snack late into the night. I have also started to up my fitness when I am not running  (I have a workout DVD, been playing Just Dance with my boys and have had had the odd go on our 14ft trampoline!)

Things I am planning on doing to further improve my health

I hope to further improve at least my diet and we are planning meals more – with the help of online shopping. We have increased our vegetable intake by using frozen and I want to take this further by using my Nutribullet for vegetables more. I also want to try to eat more fish (trouble is none of us are big fans). Plus I tend to miss lunch or grab a can of rice pudding – again I need to plan more and make sure I am eating better. When the kids go back to school and the routine back in place I am hoping to have a regular earlier bedtime. I need to keep up the exercise and not use all the many jobs that need doing as an excuse not to keep myself active.

Improving my Mental Health

What I need to do now is work on the me. I am hoping how I treat my body will help but it is also how I think and feel. Running is helping as it is forcing me to make time for me. Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t time – but what it is is me not putting me first. I need to remind myself how taking care of myself is important. If I am not fit and healthy in the future then I will not be in any position to do the washing/cooking/cleaning/whatever job I think is so important. But I am trying harder to find the positive in things. To assume less and ask more. I have been reading Renee Davis’ Become the Best You. She basically tells you to make plans for improvements. That only I can make these changes. I know when I feel tired I let things get on top of me more. So I need to learn to prioritise myself and my family over any blog stuff, social media stuff and cleaning – because none of it is as important.

So what next – I need to look into more meal ideas. I need to read more. I think self-help as well as fiction to help me relax. I think I am going to schedule in “me time” – whether that’s a candle lit bath, reading a book or putting my feet in that foot spa I got all them many Christmases ago. I want to learn to be an even better parent and going to try to read books about that and step away from the internet more. As I say I am keeping it real and balancing improving things with treating myself more – even if that does mean treating myself to some deluxe hot chocolates more often.

So what about you – will you be doing anything for your health in 2016?


I kindly received a free copy of Become the Best You because Renee kindly sent me a copy as she knew I wanted to be on a journey to improve myself. I am very grateful and recommend this book.