MAD Blog Awards Best Use of Photography

There have been some very tough times these last 6 months. Things I would never in a million years would or even could happen to us, and I pray they never happen again. Life has been so awful and it isn’t something I can talk about – and that makes things even harder for me.

But I have been coping by the use of photography on my Instagram feed. Taking comfort in pictures and people’s kindness – even when all I showed was just how dark times were.

I am trying to just build on it to inspire me to be a better me. To think more about what myself and my family’s needs. To take care of myself – and this is going to really push me on my journey to wellness.

I am going to not only exercise more, but eat better, breath better, and sleep better. In fact I have been doing much better at not staying up until midnight!

I am going to continue to stop and look at what life has to offer me – to all of us – and make the most of what I have. I am going to learn to believe in myself.

I have never felt that I was good enough to ever stand a chance of winning a blog award – never. I always thought there was someone better. But this year the MAD Blog Awards have labelled the category as BEST USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY – that doesn’t even have to mean that my pictures are the best right – but that I use them in a good way.

I would LOVE to be nominated please (because you think I use my photos well not because of my story of woe). Nominations close at 5:30pm GMT on 8/4/16

Please also follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already, and join in with #OutdoorsandHappy with me and Becky – we will be regramming our favourite pictures. Please feel free to join in and do the same – just remember to credit.

Thank you.