Outdoors and Happy – Why Getting Outdoors is Good for you

Getting outdoors gives a boost to your mental and physical well-being. To encourage this myself and Becky decided what better Instagram Community to create than one that enjoys getting outdoors and feeling happy. Now over 5,000 pictures have linked up on the #OutdoorsandHappy hashtag on Instagram and the community continues to grow stronger and stronger.outdoors and happy

We welcome all sorts of outdoor pictures – from nature, to outdoor play – even to people who are showing us what fun outdoor activities they have on offer. If it helps get you outside and feel happy then share it with us!

Did you know that getting outdoors can have benefits? Here are some of the things I found it to help with:

Every week myself and Becky pick our favourite picture from the week and share it with our followers. As you can see from the examples in this post it is no easy task! Becky is also going to be featuring her favourites on her blog Simple Parenting too – so we are hoping to expand the community even further. We thank all of you who make it such a wonderful community so far and if you haven’t already joined in we would love to see you over on Instagram, or linking up with Becky. Enjoying being #OutdoorsandHappy.